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6/18/2011 – RVSiteBuilder and cPanel

Posted by admin on 18 06 2011.

Web hosting is a competitive business. As such, we are always searching for ways to distinguish ourselves from our competitors. With cPanel being our preferred hosting platform that provides our clients with numerous benefits and features, we have found a product that will not only differentiate us from the pack, but it will also provide our clients with a product they can use.


[toggle title=”What is RVSiteBuilder?”]

Although RVSiteBuilder is a product that is targeted primarily for web host providers, its primary purpose is to allow our clients to generate a professional website in a short amount of time. This not only provides our clients with a product they can use, it fosters goodwill with our clients. This goodwill can potentially lead to client retention, which is good news for us.

The RVSiteBuilder website claims having approximately 900 templates that are ready for our clients to use. The WYSIWG interface allows both seasoned and novice webmasters to take their sites from concept to operational status with minimal effort.



[toggle title=”Is RVSiteBuilder only about templates?”]

When you purchase a RVSiteBuilder license, you will have access to a full-featured web application that allows most any user to design their website without having to hire a web developer to do it for them. Listed below are a few of RVSiteBuilder’s many features.

  1. Full integration with WHM and cPanel.
  2. A WYSIWIG system that has been recently improved in version 4.
  3. Automatic updates capability.
  4. Provides admin with the capability to either enable or disable support for PHP, Java, or Applets.
  5. An infinite number of end-users.
  6. An unlimited number of pages for our client’s websites.
  7. Backups that have been improved with no timeout issues.
  8. The ability to embed the web host’s ads or PPC codes.
  9. Templates that are royalty free.
  10. Both flash and standard templates are available.
  11. Available for resellers as wells as root access hosts.
  12. Can be deployed across your entire server network.
  13. A new publishing and preview system.
  14. Many more.

There is something that requires mentioning at this point, however. RVSiteBuilder does not come with an integrated store function. If your client needs to set up an ecommerce site, they will need to use the standard shopping carts to do so. As of this writing, there are no plans to implement these functions into RVSiteBuilder. There are also no inbuilt search functions at this time either.



[toggle title=”How can I install RVSiteBuilder on my server?”]

Installation of RVSiteBuilder is only available if you have SSH root access. After you receive your RVSiteBuilder license, you will need to run a command that will both download the script and install RVSiteBuilder onto your server. Updates can be done in a similar manner if you are not using the RVSiteBuilder manager.



[toggle title=”How well does RVSiteBuilder integrate with cPanel?”]

RVSiteBuilder integrates seamlessly with cPanel. Once RVSiteBuilder has been installed, the icon will appear just as any other application. You can change the settings in either the WHM or the RVSiteBuilder manager, and your client can launch the application in the same way they do with any other program.[/toggle]


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