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Process of Limit Bandwidth Usage

Posted by Allura on 27 06 2018.

Overview of Limit Bandwidth Usage

This is a type of interface which enables the user to change the limited bandwidth for an account. The bandwidth measures the amount of data that any server transfers.  Taking an example – users who wish to host video content need more bandwidth than a user who only wishes to host a blog..

The Process to Change the Bandwidth Limit

In order to change  the bandwidth limitation  for an account, select the account that you want to modify. When you select an account, WHM displays information about that account:

In order to change the bandwidth limit of an account, the user must follow the following steps-

  1. Click Limit.
  2. Enter the new bandwidth limit in the available text box.
  3. Click Change.

How to Reset Account Bandwidth Limit

When it is ascertained that the bandwidth of an account quota does not match the quota for the account’s package, this interface enables you to reset the account’s quota. For example, if an account’s package has a 500 MB bandwidth quota, you might change the quota to unlimited in order to stop bandwidth limiting. The user could then use this feature to return the account’s quota to the package default (500 MB).

This interface only displays accounts for which the bandwidth value does not match the package default.


For cPanel and WHM Version 64

Home >> Account Functions >> Reset Account Bandwidth Limit

What is unsuspended Bandwidth Exceeders

This is a type of feature which allows any user to unsuspend all of the accounts that have exceeded their bandwidth. Accounts will remain unsuspended until the next bandwidth check.

When an account exceeds its bandwidth limit, its website becomes inaccessible to users; however, the account’s owner may still log in to their cPanel account.

How to Manage Account Suspension

In order to suspend or unsuspend an account, follow the following steps- :

  1. Select the account that you wish to modify.
  2. If you wish to suspend the account, enter a reason in thetext box.
  3. Click the appropriate button to suspend or unsuspend the account.


Limitations of the Interface

This interface has the following limitations:

  • The password cannot be changed.
  • The system adds a character to the front portion of the cPanel user’s password field. This special character creates an invalid hash, which results in an invalid password message to the cPanel user.


This Article depicts the process showing the limitation of the bandwidth usage in a server.