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Procedure to Download Locale in XML Format

Posted by Allura on 15 05 2018.


Locale is a feature that helps in identification of language and region of a user. It summarizes definite preferences that a user desires to be shown on a user interface. ISO/IEC 15897, similar to that of BCP 47 definition of language tags defines locale identifiers on POSIX platforms such as UNIX, Linux, and others but the definition is different for locale variant modifier and the identifier includes the character set as a part. The format is: [language][territory][.codeset][@modifier].

General locale settings consists of these output settings:

  • Number Format
  • Classification of Character
  • Format of Date and time
  • Collation of String
  • Format of Currency
  • Paper size
  • Some other Minor Setting

A short description of XML:

Extensible Markup Language (XML) in computer interface is a markup language which sets up rules use to encode documents and this format can be read both by humans and machines. Some relate specifications as well as W3C’s XML 1.0 Specifications-these free open standards-define XML. Simplicity and usability across the internet are the things mostly highlighted upon in case of the layout of the XML. It is mostly a data format having durable support via Unicode for diverted human languages. The main aim of the XML design objectives lie upon documents, for the demonstrations of random data constructions of the language is broadly used like which are used in web services Programmers have also established many application programming interfaces (APIs) to write XML Data but among all those DTD is most preferred.

How to Download a Locale in XML format:

Following these steps will execute download locale in XML format:-

  • At first, select the ‘Choose Locale’ menu.
  • Then choose the locale that you desire to download.
  • Then, choose to ‘Download’ the desired locale.
  • Select the ‘Rebuild the locale databases’ available at the bottom of the interface if you want to rebuild the list of locales in your system.

In a nut shell:

If you wish to change the locale of a system you will have to log in with an account with executive privileges. You will have to install proper language packs on the operating system that you are using to read this locale file on your system. Now you know the steps to download a locale file in XML format easily.