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Pointing of Two URLs to the Same Website

Posted by Allura on 14 06 2018.

A Brief Overview

This Article deals with the process by which pointing of two URLs can be made to the same website Pointing two URLs to the same website can be done by the two following ways:

  1. Redirect one of the URLs to the primary domain
  2. Create an alias for one of the URL

Steps to Redirect a Website

A redirect of a website occurs when an user typing a web address in the address bar is routed to another website or another Uniform Resource Locator (URL), different from the one that the user had types in the address bar. For Example – If an user has moved his website contents to an new URL, he/she shall direct his seasonal visitors to the new address with a redirect.

How to create a Redirect with the cPanel Interface

An user can redirect a website with the Redirects Interface in cPanel. The user shall necessarily go to the Domain Section and click Redirect on the cPanel Homepage, or may type Redirects in the search bar.

How to create an Alias for one of the URL

When any system creates any type of alias, it performs the same thing as that of a Redirect, provided that the address bar does not change. It is like using two different frames of a same artwork. The Website content is same for both the URLs, but the Uniform Resource Locator shown in the address bar changes. For Example- is an alias for

The user may create a number of alias to show the same page. Irrespective of anything, all domains has to be registered with a valid domain registrar, before the user can create the alias. The user shall also be sure of the fact that the different name servers are the same as those for primary domain (the domain to which the user is pointing towards).

Any user who is having a Reseller Account needs to ask the provider, if he could have an access or permission to create an alias.

  • If the user does not have the permission then he may be able to Redirect one of the URLs instead of creating any alias.

How to create an alias with cPanel Interface

The user must go to the domain section and click on Aliases in the cPanel homepage or type Aliases in the search bar. The user must type into the Domain Text Box and thereafter shall click Add Domain.


The process by which pointing of two URLs can be made to the same website is been clearly depicted in this article. This article also provides for the process by which alias can be created with the cPanel Interface.