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Parking Domain in cPanel

Posted by Allura on 17 04 2018.

About Parking Domain in cPanel

The additional domains which are hosted on the account are known as a parked domain. Also known as alias domains, parked domain provides the details of the contents of a different domain. To point a particular domain with the help of the parked domains, several domain names may get assigned.

For example, if the name of the primary domain of a certain cPanel document is and the parked domain of is, then the parked domain is able to load the information of the primary domain. In a web browser, if someone enters to then he is redirected to Parked domains use the same statistics as the primary domain but you may assign the parked domains with their own email boxes.

A parked domain is actually a secondary domain by which the primary domain is addressed. Parked domains are mostly used in the field of business as there, having more than one web address is helpful to advertise the company.


List of a server’s parked domains

  • Primary Domain: Here, the name of the main domain where the park domains are present, is displayed.
  • User: Here the names of the owners of the parked domains are displayed.
  • Parked Domains: The domain names of the parked domains are displayed here.
  • Action: There are several actions which are to be performed on a particular parked domain. These actions are mentioned below:-
  • In order to un-park a domain, click on ‘Unpark’.
  • To enable the parked domains to receive emails, click on ‘Add to Mail Config’.

Creating a Parked Domain

To create a parked domain, these steps are to be followed:-

  • At the top of the interface, you will find a text box. The name of the primary domain is to be entered in that text box. From the menu, the domain name can also be selected.
  • The desired domain name which you want to park is to be entered in the textbox named ‘Domain to Park’.
  • Finally, click on Submit’ to end the process.

If you wish to reset the form, click on ‘Reset’. To enable the visitors to access the domain, the name of the parked domain must be registered first.

Things to Know More

With the best certificate available, the system tries to secure all the domains you create, such as- addon domain, parked domain, main domain, and subdomain. If there is no existing certificate, to provide security to the newly created domain, a self-designed certificate will be generated by the system. Most of the times AutoSSL is activated for the account by which the new domain is owned. In that case, a request for an AutoSSL certificate will be added and installed by the system to secure the newly created domain.

The domain can be added to the file /usr/local/cpanel/etc/commondomains’ to prevent the users from parking domains on a particular and secured domain.