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‘Overselling’ in cPanel

Posted by Allura on 20 07 2018.

Introducing Overselling

Let us talk about overselling. What does it mean? Your system creates certain restrictions on resellers through resources used by their cPanel accounts. Resources allocated by you to them are not used. This process is called Overselling.

You can limit the resources for a reseller using the Edit Reseller Nameservers and Privileges option available in WHM. You can find it at WHM > Home > Resellers > Edit Reseller Nameservers and Priviledges). For instance, the maximum bandwith and disk space available to a reseller can be allocated. You can also choose to activate or deactivate the overselling privileges of a reseller.

Overselling Active

You have established resource limits available to a reseller and have activated overselling. A reseller then can create an account that contains resources with limits that is more than the maximum amount allocated. The reseller won’t be able to create a new account if the cumulative resources used by all accounts is more than the resource limit of the reseller. Resources can still be used by their accounts based on the resource level allocated to them. The resource limit only affects the reseller’s capacity to make new accounts and not the account’s resource usage.

Consider the following example: 500 megabytes have been allocated to a reseller Adam and overselling is activated. Adam reserves disk space for 4 users each of which are 200 megabytes. Therefore, the user’s accounts as a whole can use disk space of a maximum of 800 megabytes. The accounts continue to work even if they use up a disk space of 500 megabytes, but no new account can be created.


It is recommended that further limitations be used if overselling has been activated. You can limit the following modules:

  • The varieties of per-approved packages.
  • The total amount of accounts that a reseller can make.

Overselling Inactive

If overselling is deactivated, a reseller can make new accounts till they have allocated the highest value of resources that have been assigned to them. They will lose the ability to generate accounts once the highest resource amount has been allocated. The bandwidth or disk space amount has no influence on the capability of the reseller to generate accounts even if overselling has been deactivated.



There are certain criteria that resellers need to follow while using the overselling function. Several factors determine whether or not they can create a new account.