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New System Admins: Here’s the First Step on Restoring cPanel Accounts

Posted by Alex on 24 02 2017.


New system administration of cPanel and WHM accounts? Make sure you read this document then, so you know one of the most common tasks of system admins: restoring websites in WHM.


cPanel & WHM: The Distinction between the Two Interfaces


cPanel & WHM make use of two distinct interfaces, although they come as a product package. They both have a different interface controlling the various aspects and elements of web hosting. Seeing as you have the responsibility of a system administrator, you have to learn more about the distinction between the two.


cPanel, the Linux-based control panel that has gained rather the big following, allows for the easy management and control of websites. cPanel enables website owners to create email addresses for their websites, web apps, databases, and FTP accounts. In the realm of cPanel & WHM, the former acts as the “frontend” of the product package.


As for WebHost Manager (WHM), it allows not only for server management, but management for all its websites as well. This is what you use to configure the settings of the server too. Because of these functionalities, WHM serves as the “backend” of the product package.


Before the Restoration: Important Notes to Remember


An extremely important reminder when you plan to restore a cPanel account is to not use WHM as the portal to create it in.


Also, you have to know what the root user stands for, as it pertains to the system’s highest-level user. In other words, being the root user allows you to access everything and anything in both cPanel and WHM as well as make changes to any aspect of the system, including restorations.


As a root user, never share your password, seeing as it is the only cPanel or WHM user that have access to everything within the programs.


The First Step of the Restoration Process


Now that you know more about the difference between the two interfaces and what you can do as an admin, you can proceed to restoring a cPanel account.


To do this, you first have to make sure you either acquire a backup archive or create a cpmove file of your old account. You can do the first one through the Backup interface of cPanel. For the second method, you can simply request your hosting provider to give you the cpmove archive.


Creating the new cPanel account (or restoring it) does not require you to go through the process manually. Just use the Restore a Full Backup/cpmove File interface in WHM for this. Also, never make any revisions on the backup archive or the cpmove file.


A Quick Overview on the Restoration


Start the restoration by putting the backup archive/cpmove file in your account’s /home directory using an SFTP for the file transfer.


Just in case you have no SFTP client yet, one of the most recommended programs you should use is FileZilla. You would need to install this to begin the restoration and have an STP connection to the server using the login information of your root user credentials.