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Nameserver in cPanel

Posted by Allura on 26 04 2018.

What is a nameserver and how can it be used in cPanel?

A nameserver is an interface by which a computer sends queries to decode a domain or subdomain on your server within an IP address. Your server cannot decode a domain into any IP addresses without a nameserver and all the websites of your server turn out to be unreachable through internet.

You can use your own domain name as a nameserver for the websites that are hosted by your server through cPanel Webhost Manager but at first you’ll have to set up a WHM Account to use you your own domain.

Procedure of setting up a nameserver in cPanel:

You can set up your nameserver through these steps easily;

  • Log in to WHM using your username and your password of your existing server at https://yourserverip:2087, where the IP address of your server will by your server ip.
  • Then select DNS Functions.
  • Then select Edit DNS Zone under DNS functions.
  • Choose the domain name you wish to be in use, and then select Edit.
  • Edit the two rows with the menu displaying NS, in the right-most column write ns1.your domain name. , and in the left column write ns2.your domain name. .
  • Then write following in the first row:
  1. Type In the First fieldns1
  2. In the Second field write14400
  3. In third field choose A
  4. In the Fourth field enter your server’s IP address.

Then, in the second row, do the following:

  1. In the First field writens2
  2. Second field write14400
  3. In third fieldSelect A
  4. In the fourth field enter your server’s IP address
  • Choose save to complete the procedure.

Registration of your nameserver:

The next step is you have to register your nameservers with your domain’s registrar. Few registrars deliver you with an interface to set this up, and few other will have to do it by their own. In both cases, you will require the names of your nameservers with their IP addresses.

Now please be sure that the IP addresses are matching with the information given in your WHM account. If you are not done with this step, you will not be allowed to change any domains on these nameservers.

In a nutshell:

Now you know about this feature called nameserver in cPanel and how it works. You also know the procedure of setting up this feature with cPanel which helps you to access your own server with your own domain.