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Monitor Your Server with the Best cPanel Monitoring Service

Posted by Allen on 22 05 2017.


Network and server monitoring are crucial to web hosting success. In fact, it is an embarrassment to your company when customers know of the downtime before you do.

Imagine getting hundreds of emails from your customers saying that their websites are down. It’s not a good feeling, and it makes you look like a filthy amateur. Nobody wants to deal with website issues, but if it’s your job, then you just have to bear it and fix it.

You are not required to spend a lot of money or spend a huge amount of your time setting up a monitor for your server. Below is a list of free monitoring solutions that you can use to ensure that there is minimum downtime for your users and therefore show customers how reliable your business is.

Keep in mind that free is great, but there are just something missing with these services. For a complete server monitoring and server solution, is a great service to help you. It is cost-effective and truly has the quality of service you expect from experts. You’ll have unlimited 24/7 server administration service no matter where you are.

So without further ado, here is the best free server monitoring service to help you know if your website is down.


Use a Monitoring Software that Doesn’t Suck

With a software solution, you will be primarily setting up a web server that will act as your monitor, or you can alternatively use WebHost Manager. Web Host manager is powerful where automated control panel is hosted and which presents you with the entire power over the operations of your server and all the cPanel websites installed.


The primary function of WHM is perfect as a monitoring service that can run on a server, with the example of web servers such as (Apache HTTP server), DNS servers such as (BIND) and database servers such as MySQL.

Daemons or services which start operations once a system is booted up and are usually intended to continue operating and keep the server system running. Many of the daemons are designed for critical times such that if a system crashes, the websites will essentially keep operating and therefore reduce data loss.


To Use the WHM Monitoring Services:

  1. Login to your WebHost Manager, navigate to service configuration
  2. Look for service manager
  3. Start the services by checking enabled column and monitor by clicking on the box in the control column.
  4. Click Save


What is Likely to Happen?

Once you have the WHM monitoring enabled, you will be able to keep track of the running services that are under your specifications. If one service crashes, WHM automatically starts to ensure the downtime experienced is minimized. The monitoring acts as a guard against the unexpected system crashes. It safeguards against the unexpected crashes against a chronic problem.

It’s simplistic as best, so it’s better to use a professional server monitoring service that has 24/7 customer support. If you are a serious web hosting company, paying experts to do their job is better than DIY projects that are sure to fail.