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Metric Editor Interface

Posted by Allura on 25 06 2018.

Overview of Metrics Editor

This Article deals with the Metrics Editor Interface. This is a special type of Interface that allows the user to select the metrics program to process the log files and to provide traffic analysis for the user’s accounts domain.


For cPanel and WHM Version 68

cPanel>> Home>> Metrics>> Metrics Editor

Process of the Selection of Metrics

In order to select the Metrics that should be used, the following steps must be followed,

  1. For each domain in the User’s Account , the User must Select the checkbox for each Metrics program that the user wish to use. The User can select from the following programs;
  2. Webalizer
  3. Analog Stats
    1. AWStats
  4. Click Save


The Webalizer Interface

If an user desires to view Webalizer Statistics, the user must click View in the domain that he wishes to view. An interface will appear and shall show a graph and a summary of the Webalizer traffic statistics for that domain.

When an user deems to view the monthly statistics, the user must click that months link. A completely new Interface will appear and shall display charts and tables with following information-

  • Daily and hourly statistics in graphs and tables.
  • The links through which different visitors access to the website.
  • HTTP codes.
  • Operating systems.
  • Browser information.
  • Countries of origin.


What are the Analog Stats

This is an Interface that allows to access data from the analog traffic statistics software.

In order to view the Analog Statistics View for the domain, perform the following steps;-

  1. Click View for the domain that the user desires to watch. A completely new browser tab that provides for the list of every month for which the analog contains the traffic statics shall appear.
  2. The user must select the month for which the user wish to view traffic statistics. The Interface will display the Analog Software Statistics for that month.

What is the AWStats Interface

The AWStats Interface provides traffic statistics from the Advanced Web Statistics (AWStats) software, which compiles information about how users access your website.

AWStats provides the following details –

  • Hourly, Daily and Monthly averages in graphs and tables.
  • The links through which visitors access the websites.
  • HTTP codes.
  • Operating systems.
  • Browser information.
  • Locales of origin.

A Conclusive Statement

This Articles provides for the details Metric Editors Interface and also clearly depicts the Webalizer, Analog Stats and Advanced Web Statistics (AWStats).