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Management of Account Suspension in cPanel

Posted by Allura on 15 01 2018.


When a cPanel account is suspended it stops all the processes owned. This suspension of account do not allows the user to send mail through the mail server. The account’s user will fail as the mail server will force all the mails currently to the outbound message queue.

The system updates an apache file http.conf with virtual host file for the user. The file will be created at usr/local/apache/conf/includes/account_suspensions.conf and includes a RedirctMatch file. This file redirects the website traffic to a default template page for the suspended accounts.

Next, the system then modifies the permission of user’s public_ftp directory to ####. This creates the /etc/proftpd/user.suspended file which locks the account’s FTP passwords in the /etc/proftpd/passwd.vhosts and /etc/proftpd/user password files. This finally prepends the account’s FTP passwords with two exclamation marks. This system then changes all the MySQL user’s password.



When your account is suspended you will be restricted to change the password of the suspended account. After suspension of an account a special character to the font of the cPanel user’s password field will be added by the system. This special character will create an invalid hash, which will redirect an invalid password message to the cPanel user and will be redirected to a suspended account interface.


How will you unsuspend your account?

If you want to reactivate your suspended cPanel account then you’ll have to log into WHM. After logging in you’ll have to go to the menu which will be available on the left side of the webpage. You will find an Account Functions option. Under this you have to select Manage Account Suspension. After selecting this option a list of all resold accounts will be shown to you with all the suspended accounts highlighted in pink. From that list you will have to select the primary domain or username of the account that you want to unsuspend.

There is another way to unsuspend the account and that is you’ll have to go to the left side menu and form there you have to select Account Information under this option you have to select List Suspended Account, which will show the list of the suspended accounts followed by an option of unsuspend. Then just click the unsuspend option next to your account.



cPanel plays a master roll in online web page hosting and applies some rules and regulations to all the accounts on voiding those you’ll experience account suspension but now it’s easy to overcome.