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The Mail Queue Manager in cPanel

Posted by Allura on 23 01 2018.

The Mail Queue Manager provides the access to view, delete and re-deliver the queued messages that have not been delivered by the system to their destinations.

Steps to View Queued Mails

  • First, the search term conditions of your query are to be entered.
  • Into the Search text box enter the search criteria.
  • Select the portion of the message to query in the Select Query menu.
  • Select No Filter if you on not want to restrict your search to any specific filter.
  • In the Search Type menu select how the search functions have matched your criteria.
  • Now to specify the date range of which you want to view sent mail, the Start date, Start Time, End date an End Time Values has to be entered.
  • Click on Run Report.


It should be taken into account that Partial matches take more time to run than Begins With an Exact match, this feature does not find the body of the queued messages and search results remain unfiltered unless the search box is cleared.


The system sorts the Results by Default Written below-

  • Time Received: – It detects the time at which the mail has been received at the mail destination server.
  • Sender: – The mail address of the sender.
  • Message ID:- Unique identified of the message.
  • Recipient: – The email address of the receiver to which the message has been sent.
  • Size: – The size of the message.
  • Status: – The status of the message.
  • Action: – This helps to view the information about the message. You can also delete a message, deliver a Message or return to mail queue after this report displays.

Adding Columns

  • To get the information you wish to view in the table, select the checkbox after clicking on the icon in the top corner of the results table. Select the checkbox to hide the information.
  • Click Reset To Default to automatically select the default columns.


Deleting Messages

  • Select each checkbox of each mail which are to be deleted,
  • Click on Delete Selected.
  • Click on OK from the new window opened.

Delivering Message :

  • Select the checkbox for each email which you want to send.
  • Click on deliver Selected.
  • When a new window appears, click OK there.

Under delivering Messages in Queue, it shows a report of the status of the delivered message.

Unfreezing an Email:

The system freezes a mail if it is not delivered even after repeated attempts. This is an attempt to conserve system resources; increase queue runs and decreases the chance that the target mail transfer agent treats the message as spam. Unless the mail is unfreezed manually, the system reaches a timeout, the system won’t deliver the message.


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