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A Look at Four Top cPanel Server Monitoring Tools

Posted by Alex on 26 04 2017.

Server monitoring is one of the crucial ingredients to a web host’s success. One of the things that a web host firm would not want to happen is for their customers to call them up informing of a server downtime. This can affect the reputation of the web hosting company and hurt its bottom line in the long run.

Fortunately for web hosting firms, there are lots of tools or programs that they can make use of to monitor their servers. There are even free monitoring solutions that they can turn to. These programs can guarantee minimal server downtime, and ensure that web hosting firms can provide reliable service most of the time.

Among the top recommended server monitoring solutions for cPanel servers today are:


This is the exclusive server management partner for, which is the biggest external cPanel license provider.  It offers server administration and management for cPanel servers at very low prices.

With MycPAdmin, web hosts will be able to secure their servers with a firewall. They can also install a new module in Apache. MycPAdmin operates round the clock, with an extremely quick and automated order process. Clients can have this program working on their servers in 5 minutes or less.


This is a good alternative for budget-conscious web hosting firms as it is available for free. This network monitoring tool is highly customizable. It features tons of plugins. It is also easy to write plugins for it.

This tool also supports monitoring of multiple hosts. It even sends outs alerts via email and SMS/text messaging.

However, as one can expect from most free online tools, Nagios has its share of cons. Perhaps the most glaring disadvantage of using Nagios is the very tricky setup or installation process. Users also have to install the Nagios client on the monitored server.


This tool can monitor storage and virtual servers as well as networks. It features an agent-less monitoring, and can perform cross platform-monitoring.

The “community” version of this tool has limited features. Users can opt for the commercial license with has a full set of features.

What makes Zenoss a good choice is that it has a very flexible, powerful and ‘tweakable’ dashboard.  However, its panel can prove to be slow on certain installations. Its database layer may also get large and heavy.

Manage Engine

Finally, Manage Engine is part of the Indian conglomerate Zoho Group. It is known for being easy to install, with a good set of features. It also has a user-friendly interface.

However, Manage Engine isn’t ideal for novice system administrators. It demands a steep learning curve. Moreover, its alarm levels are limited to the basic warning and critical status.

These four monitoring tools for cPanel servers can help novice and experienced system administrators in looking after the status of their servers. These programs should enable them to ensure optimal performance of the hardware and prevent those nightmarish server crashes scenarios.