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Locale XML in cPanel

Posted by Allura on 08 05 2018.


A computer software that sets a parameter that identifies the language, region of a user and that certainly allows to prefer few more stricture in a user interface is called locale. At least one language identifier and a region identifier are generally the chief subjects of locale identifier.

The Extensible Markup Language or XML is a markup language like HTML and it is created by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Most importantly, this feature permits you to upload a locale in XML format to your server and your users can select it from the cPanel interface itself after uploading a locale.

How to Upload a XML File:

It will become easy to upload an existing locale by these simple steps:-

  • At first, select the ‘Choose File’ option.
  • Then choose the XML file that you wish to upload.
  • Now in order to complete the whole process, select ‘upload’ option.

Legacy Language File Upload:

This interface also offers you to upload your own language file or a third-party language file. To upload your own desired language file or the third-party’s language file simply perform these steps:-

  • At first select the ‘This Interface’ option.
  • Then select ‘choose file’ option and then select the file that you want to upload.
  • And then select the ‘Theme’ menu to set your desired theme.
/Uploads the root language file, which supplies verbiage for the cPanel interface when a necessary term does not exist in the primary language files.
paper lanternUploads the Paper Lantern theme’s language files.
A custom theme on the server.If you have a custom cPanel theme, select that theme to upload its language file. The system stores language files for custom themes in the /usr/local/cpanel/base/frontend/themename/lang/ directory, where themename represents the name of the custom
  • Then select the ‘upload’ option to complete the Legacy Language File Upload.


XML only adds framework to the data and do not deliver details about the method of displaying it in a document and to acquire information from an XML document, the programs need an API. An explanation of the XML document can be written in a manner to fashion it more usefully for the programmers. DTD is the most popular language among the other languages to write a program.