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Locale XML Download

Posted by Allura on 13 02 2018.

About Locale

In computing, a set of parameters which define the user’s local/regional language and certain special variant are collectively called the locale. It encapsulates certain preferences that are desired by the user to be shown on the user interface.

At least a language identifier and a region identifier is contained by a locale identifier. ISO/IEC 15897, similar to that of BCP 47 definition of language tags defines locale identifiers on POSIX platforms such as UNIX, Linux, and others but the definition is different for locale variant modifier and the identifier includes the character set as a part. The format is: [language][territory][.codeset][@modifier].

General locale settings include the output settings as following:

  • Number Format
  • Classification of Character
  • Format of Date and time
  • Collation of String
  • Format of Currency
  • Paper size
  • Some other Minor Setting

About XML

By the term Extensible Markup Language (XML) in computing, we mean a markup language by which a set of rules used for encoding documents is defined this format can be both human-readable and machine-readable. Some relate specifications as well as W3C’s XML 1.0 Specifications-these free open standards-define XML. Simplicity and usability across the internet are the things mostly emphasized upon in case of the layout of the XML. It is mainly a data format having strong support via Unicode for different human languages. Although the prime focus of the XML design goals lie upon documents, for the representations of arbitrary data structures the language is widely used like which are used in web services. There are many existing schema systems to aid for the definition of languages based on XML. Programmers have also developed several application programming interfaces (APIs) to cater to the processing of XML Data.


Overview of the Feature

This particular interface named ‘Locale XML Download’ gives access to download an existing locale (language) in XML format. To edit the locale of cPanel interface, one has to download the XML file first.


Methods to Download a Locale

In order to download a locale, these steps are to be followed-

  • First, from the ‘Choose Locale’ menu, the locale which you want to download is to be selected.
  • Then, click on ‘Download’.

Click on ‘Rebuild the locale databases’ which is there at the bottom of the interface if you wish to rebuild the list of locales in your system.


To change the locale of a system, you must log in with an account with administrative privileges. On the operating system, you have to install proper language packs.