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Learning about cPanel VPS Hosting

Posted by Jeff on 28 02 2016.

A Virtual manager sold as a service to assist web-building users with their privacy and organizational needs on the web. A VPS runs its own copy of an operating system, and customers have super user-level to that operating system instance. The users can install any program that runs on that type of server including add-ons that also help the user decorate the website and make it more functional for visitors.  These quick and easy features assist web builders that work on popular blogging to those that help design forum software to handling custom databases. The management of these sites is made easier for a smoother execution of tasks with cPanel VPS hosting. Ask yourself this, how does cPanel manage all your busy work tasks on a virtual server?

cPanel VPS hosting


cPanel VPS hosting maintains the same features and functionality as a shared or dedicated hosting account. The VPS performs with less hassle, and better performance per minute. When a VPS is idle with little or no traffic, users have freedom to operate the details and features of a site without being interrupted or causing a strain on the system.  The performance of a cPanel VPS becomes twice as good as on a shared server with other users taking up space and resources that would otherwise be dedicated to various users. Higher speed means happy visitors. Getting good feedback is directly connected to providing visitors with a positive experience.


Innovative technology boosts performance in the cPanel VPS hosting system. We use open source technology like OpenStack and KVM to offer VPS that is powerful and easy to use. The servers are built with state-of-the-art components to give you truly unheard of speed to your server. Who wouldn’t want a VPS server that provides groundbreaking speeds and functionality? That means less work to do later!


There are various resources right at your fingertips with cPanel VPS hosting. You can dynamically add additional storage on the go! Our enhanced cPanel gives your server more expansions, which are competitively priced and enabled by you without requiring admin assistance.

cPanel: Evolved

Each VPS configuration includes an improved cPanel interface catered to our valued web developers. We sand by our promise to provide you features, which includes everything found in our shared solution, along with special tools for cPanel VPS hosting management and WHM control.

Save Stress

The site back up pro enables advanced access to your account backups to increase flexibility for the purposes of recovering specific files, folders, databases, and tables. This is all done on a virtual server that is set up simultaneously with cPanel saving you tons of stress to manage your business. cPanel VPS hosting is a huge improvement from never ending paper work that seems to pile up to tasks that are executed through an online virtual server.

Guaranteed Resources

Utilizing only the highest performance components means your website always performs at optimal levels. Thanks to the implementation of KVM hypervisor, the resources you purchase are guaranteed to be available at all times. Invest in the future of your business or website by switching to online cPanel VPS hosting. Make the steps towards a more efficient and affordable assistant who will get the job done without any excuses.