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MBox to MailDir conversion
Posted by – NA – on 28 December 2010 09:36 AM
Maildir mail storage speeds up the functionality of the mail server and reduces memory usage due to mail related processes. Multiple processes can use maildirs at the same time.

Please make sure you are using the maildir format in email. MailDir is also much more efficient than MBox. To complete the conversion run the following ssh command:

# /scripts/convert2maildir

This script will execute your current mail format and confirm you to convert to maildir and backup current mailboxes before the change. Also script is very reliable and didn’t received any problems with it.

It will install the latest courier-imap to handle the new format. This will also mean that Horde and Squirrelmail will then work with the new format. If you will have any issue with webmail, Try to execute the following scripts through SSH.

# /scripts/mailperm or /scripts/upcp –force