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Custom php settings when you enable Fast-CGI
Posted by – NA – on 28 December 2010 09:31 AM
When you enable fast-cgi, there should be a custom php.ini in the cgi-bin folder of the account.

* Just Move your php.ini file into the cgi-bin folder of the account

* In the cgi-bin folder, create php.fcgi and put the following in this file:

exec /usr/local/cpanel/cgi-sys/php5

* chmod php.fcgi to 755.

* Upload .htaccess under public_html and put the following:

AddHandler php5-fastcgi .php
Action php5-fastcgi /cgi-bin/php.fcgi

Then save the file and this custom php configuration will now work.

Please note that .htaccess will still work the same way.