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BuycPanel Licensing Module Plugin for WHMCS
The BuycPanel License Provisioning Module Plugin for WHMCS allows our customers to manage their BuycPanel licenses from within their own WHMCS, and even offer our licenses directly to your customers!   There are three files; two files are PDF documents which contains instructions for installation and use of the provisioning module and the optional addon module. The other file is a zip archive of the actual provisioning/addon modules.

BuycPanel WHMCS Provisioning Module (Client Area)


Read the BuycPanel.com Provisioning Module – vx.x.PDF for installation instructions.


BuycPanel Provisioning Module Plugin for WHMCS Documentation
BuycPanel.com Provisioning Module – vX.X.PDF
BuycPanel.com Addon Module – vX.X.PDF (optional)

BuycPanel Licensing Module Plugin for WHMCS Installation Files (PHP 5.6-7)

(Files attached to the bottom of this article)

Also, make certain to read our announements about the BuycPanel Licensing Module Plugin for WHMCS:



BuycPanel Addon Module Features
Our addon module features a full set of tools for administrating your BuycPanel license products and how they integrate with your WHMCS. The addon module also features many tools that tie into our server provisioning module.

Upgrade/Downgrade cPanel Products – Available in Version 5.10

Version 5.10 of the BuycPanel Addon Module adds a new interface for viewing, upgrading and downgrading your cPanel licenses to match the new pricing tiers. This interface allows for you to view all of your current licensed cPanel products at BuycPanel, their matching package in your WHMCS, and recommended upgrade/downgrade based on the current amount of cPanel accounts on that server. These account numbers are pulled from cPanel once per hour.

View and Modify BuycPanel Licenses
The main page of the addon module features an interface for viewing all of your currently licensed BuycPanel products. From here you can view their status, next renewal date, and for cPanel packages you can also see the number of active cPanel accounts (v5.10+). You can also change IP and cancel products from this interface with ease!

Generate Buycpanel License Products as Configurable Options for WHMCS Products
The addon module natively supports setting up BuycPanel license products as Configurable Options which can then be attached to any products in your WHMCS.

Generate Buycpanel License Products as WHMCS Products
The addon module also comes with tools that work in tandem with the Server Provisioning Module. This tool allows you to create products in your WHMCS that will directly correlate to the chosen BuycPanel license products. You can select one or many different products and generate new products for BuycPanel License products instantly!

View and Pay Your BuycPanel Invoices
You can view and pay your BuycPanel invoices right from within your WHMCS admin! You will require either credit on your account or a valid credit card stored in order to make payments.

BuycPanel Server Provisioning Module Features
Our server provisioning module allows you to synchronize full WHMCS products to BuycPanel License products via our API. You can run all standard WHMCS module commands such as Create and Cancel and perform the same action to your associated BuycPanel license! You can also refresh license keys (for applicable products) and synchronize license information from within the WHMCS admin edit product interface. We highly recommend that you install the Addon Module as well since it contains many features that integrate with the Server Provisioning Module, including new functionality for upgrading/downgrading and synchronizing account information for cPanel products (v5.10+)

Synchronize Your License
Sometimes issues can happen, and you may need to resynchronize your WHMCS product with its counterpart at BuycPanel. This tool allows you to perform an inline search of your current BuycPanel licenses and attach them to your product within the admin edit product interface.

Client Area Change IP and Synchronize Tools
You have the option of allowing your clients to change their license IP directly from their client area product details page! In addition to this is a synchronize tool which will refresh any license keys that the license may have.

Change cPanel License
The Change cPanel License Tool will give you the option to change a cPanel license to another package from inside of the license.

Once you have clicked on the Change cPanel license tool you will get the following prompt.

Changes will fail if you have an unpaid invoice for the select license you are attempting to upgrade. Once the invoice is paid you will be able to upgrade the package.

Important Updates in Both Modules as of Version 5.5

IMPORTANT: Both modules now require the username of a WHMCS admin with API access in order to function properly! The user does not require access to your WHMCS administrative area but it must have access to the API. If none is specified the module will attempt to use the ‘admin’ user. Please see the documentation for more details. 

  • Provisioning Module
    • Module now uses a dynamicly generated products list that will update with newly added BuycPanel products
  • Addon Module
    • Module now uses a dynamicly generated products list that will update with newly added BuycPanel products

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between the Provisioning and Addon modules? 

A: The provisioning module (modules/servers/buycpanel) allows for you to offer BuycPanel products as full-fledged WHMCS products, tying together module commands and giving your clients the ability to purchase BuycPanel products directly through your WHMCS instance.

The addon module (modules/addons/buycpanel) is optional, but contains some very useful tools for getting the most out of your provisioning module. It can also work as a standalone module if you wish to only offer BuycPanel products as WHMCS configurable options for your already existing products. For instance you could sell a VPS hosting package through WHMCS which has configurable options for cPanel VPS Monthly and Installatron VPS licenses that your clients can add on to their purchase.

Q: Why do I receive an error when attempting to synchronize a license or order a new license through the new provisioning module? 

A: Please verify that you have correctly set your API credentials in the file /modules/servers/buycpanel/config.php as this is where the provisioning module fetches this information. Newer versions of the module (v5.2+) will also check for your addon module credentials in the event that the config.php file has not been set up properly.


Latest Modules Version (contains both modules):
PHP7.2 / Ioncube 10.2
PHP 7.1 / Ioncube 10.2
PHP 5.6 / Ioncube 9.0

Legacy Module Versions: 

Installation Instructions

Installing and Configuring Addon Module

  1. Upload /modules/addons/buycpanel folder and files to your WHMCS directory
  2. Activate the module in your WHMCS admin panel, (Setup > Addons)
  3. Scroll down and enter the following details:
    1. Email Address – Your primary buycpanel.com billing account address
    2. API Key – Your buycpanel.com API key
    3. Test Mode – When selected no invoices will be raised, and no licenses will be issued
    4. API Username – The module makes use of WHMCS’s internal API functions. You must specify an administrative account with API access for the module to work correctly. The module will use “admin” if none is specified.
    5. Use “Dedicated IP” Field – You must check the “Dedicated IP” checkbox. Products configured using the addon module will now use Dedicated IP field. This will supersede “Server IP” custom field option.
    6. Use “Server IP” Custom Field – You must set a custom field for each product that you assign custom fields to, called ‘Server IP’ (case sensitive), or this will not function.
    7. Access Control – You can select which admin role(s) can access the module

Installing and Configuring Server Provisioning Module

  1. Upload the /modules/servers/buycpanel folder and files to your WHMCS directory
  2. IMPORTANT: Edit config.php and enter your BuycPanel.com email address, API Key, and a WHMCS admin user with API access. Without these, the module will not function.
  3. Optional: Set the “testmode” value to 1 if you wish to test the module functions without activating or cancelling any licenses within your BuycPanel.com billing account.
  4. To prevent your clients from changing license IPs, set the ALLOWCUSTOMERCHANGEIP option to 0
  5. If you prefer the Suspend/Unsuspend behavior of the previous module, in which these commands would Cancel/Create licenses through our API instead of Suspending/Unsuspending, modify the BUYCPANEL_SUSPENDOVERRIDE option to 1