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Keep your Database Secure at All Times With cPanel

Posted by admin on 19 06 2015.

cPanel for securing database

cPanel is the most commonly used and powerful hosting control panel currently available in the web-builder world. It is designed to make a website designer or blogger’s life easier when it comes to doing what they love or managing their business. Web hosting can be a difficult task to manage on thcPanel for securing databasee technical side of things, and cPanel can be used to assist those who struggle with it or need extra assistance. cPanel can help entrepreneurs increase their revenue and reduce their technical overhead. cPanel allows users to handle various difficult server set up procedures easily. As well, cPanel allows total control of all aspects of your system. The easy and detailed web interface gives domain owners and email users the freedom to use their add-on features.

cPanel License
Not every user will require the same type of cPanel license; the license a user needs will depend upon the type of server they have set up. We have the largest selection of cPanel add-ons, and we are also the only company that exclusively offers WHMXtra licenses to all our clients. We bring convenience to your door-step by instantly activating your cPanel license as soon as the order is placed with us, making your experience as easy as the click of a button. Keep in mind that there is also no license key required as we activate all licenses on the base IP address of your server. The license offers security for your database and allows you to configure password protected directories and IP addresses.

Full User Controlled cPanel
Our users have full control of their websites along with their control panels. Users can choose which versions of Apache and PHP to run, which applications run services like DNS, and a large number of other functional options. The cPanel allows users to maintain the privacy of their domain and their website, too. Another benefit of cPanel is that users are able to disable any feature of cPanel for specific users. Website users should take advantage of password protecting features that protect portions of their site and have the accounts of visitors who share their passwords automatically deactivated.

The security of cPanel comes in several different features that help protect the privacy and safety of its users, including the Password Protect Directories, IP Deny Manager, Hotlink Protection, Leech Protect, and Site Security Check. cPanel security tools allow customers to protect different parts of their websites from unauthorized access. Through the use of Password Protect Directories, users can limit access to certain resources on their website by password protecting the directories where they are stored. The IP Deny Manager allows users to prevent an IP address, a domain name, or a range of IP addresses from obtaining access to their site. Leech Protect ensures that your users are prevented from giving out or publicly posting their password to a restricted area on your site. Site Security Check verifies that your domain names are not marked as possible threats on search engines such as Google safe browsing and similar tools. Another security feature that cPanel offers is Hotlink Protection, which prevents other websites from directly linking to files on a user’s website.