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Installing MyDNS-NG on Linux Servers

Posted by Allura on 25 07 2019.

 Brief Description

MyDNS-NG (MyDNS) is DNS server programming for Linux servers. MyDNS utilizes a database to store the server’s DNS zone documents, which enables it to effectively oversee expansive numbers (several thousands) of zone records.

MyDNS requires the accompanying arrangement listed below to keep running on your cPanel and WHM server:

  • cPanel & WHM version 11.32 or later
  • MySQL® version 5.0 or later
  • BIND


  • MyDNS does not expel BIND from the framework. cPanel and WHM requires the BIND service
  • MyDNS does not bolster Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) or PostgreSQL®

Install MyDNS

Note: One cannot install MyDNS during the cPanel & WHM installation process.

From the WHM interface

The following steps need to be performed to deploy the WHM interface:

  1. Navigate to WHM’s Nameserver Selection interface (WHM >> Home >> Service Configuration >> Nameserver Selection)
  2. Select MyDNS
  3. Click Save

From the command line

For setting up MyDNS via the command line, run the following command as the root user:

  • /scripts/setupnameserver mydns

Return to MyDNS from another DNS server

  • Important: If you change to an alternate DNS server and, and then change back to MyDNS, you should run a constrained DNS import and restart MyDNS.

Perform the following steps to import and restart MyDNS:

  1. Run the accompanying command as the root client to constrain a DNS import:
  • /scripts/importmydnsdb –force
  • Warnings:
    • This script will clear the rr database table, which will cause DNS query mistakes until your server revives that table
    • You will get an affirmation email when this order wraps up. Try not to continue until you get that email
  1. Run the accompanying command as the root client to restart MyDNS:
  • /scripts/restartsrv_mydns