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How Two cPanel Tools Identify and Fight Spam

Posted by Alex on 01 05 2017.

Did you know that an average office worker receives 121 emails per day? The sheer number of emails that a typical person receives can give you an idea of how much a time sorting emails can take.

Fortunately for those who use cPanel, the popular control panel features different tools that can fight spam—or those unwanted emails that can clutter an email inbox. These tools include BoxTrapper and Spam Assassin.


BoxTrapper is a spam blocking tool that that filters spam through a challenge-response verification. Thus, when someone sends you an email for the very first time, the tool will automatically send a verification email.

The sender will have to complete the verification process before his/her email can get into your inbox. Once the verification process is completed, the sender will be white listed. This means he/she won’t have to go through the verification process again.

Email addresses to which you send email are automatically white listed, even if you disable automatic whitelisting.

If the sender does not respond, then it is likely a spammer or bot. BoxTrapper will  not clear the message for delivery. It will then automatically delete the spam after a certain period of time.

If you have a cPanel account, you can enable BoxTrapper by clicking “Manage” for the specific account you want to modify and then clicking “Enable”.

You can also configure its settings to set the number of days that you want logs and messages to be kept in the queue. You can do this by clicking configure settings, then entering email addresses.


Another powerful utility that you can use to prevent spam email from reaching your inbox is SpamAssassin. This email utility screens incoming mail and tests them for spam characteristics.

SpamAssassin utilizes network tests coupled with Bayesian spam filtering to screen incoming email. This results in a score that SpamAssassin uses in determining whether it should discard a message.


To enable this function, simply log into cPanel then navigate the Mail section. Click on the SpamAssassin icon and click the Enable SpamAssassin in the gray box.  You will then receive a confirmation message on the following page that SpamAssassin has been activated.

As mentioned earlier, SpamAssassin examines every incoming email message and uses a test to determine its spam characteristics.  The tool considers messages with a score of 5 as spam by default. However, you can also adjust this spam score limit.

The filter will be more restrictive if you lower the score. So when you set the spam score limit to 0, everything that goes into your mailbox will be considered by SpamAssassin as spam. If you put it at the maximum of 10,  then messages with a score of 10 or lower won’t be marked as spam.

Of course, you don’t want to set the limit to 10 as this means that most email messages won’t be considered as spam.

With these two powerful anti-spam tools, cPanel can screen unwanted email messages and prevent these from reaching your email inbox.