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How to use the Removeacct Script to Terminate cPanel Accounts?

Posted by Allura on 05 07 2018.

A Brief Introduction

cPanel is a control panel which is used for web hosting. It has a graphical interface and automation tools which make the process of hosting simple. The Removeacct script is an important part of cPanel which would help to remove a lot of information from an account. It can also be used to bring an end to some of the cPanel accounts.

The cPanel accounts are terminated from the command line by the /usr/local/cPanel/scripts/removeacct script.

The following things must be considered while using this script:-

  • All the information for an account is removed by this script. So the account must be completely removed from your server before this script is used.
  • An account cannot be recreated immediately after the script has been used to terminate an account (for example, to restore the account from a backup). When the MySQL® users are removed by the system the process gets delayed a little bit.
  • The usernamerepresents the username of the account that you wish to terminate in all the examples which have been given in this article.
  • The Web Host Manager’s Terminate Accounts Interface (WHM >> Home >> Multi Account Functions >> Terminate Accounts) can be used to terminate a cPanel account.

Some other points which are of considerable importance while using this script are:-

  • The/usr/local/cpanel/scripts/removeacct script
  • The following command has to be used to terminate a cPanel account from the command line:-
       /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/removeacct username [options]

Options provided by the Script

The following options can be specified when the /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/removeacct script is used:-

Option Description
–force Bypass the confirmation step in the script and then the account must be terminated immediately.
–keepdns The account’s zone files must be retained from the DNS server when the script terminates the account is terminated by the script.



Concluding Note

The Removeacct Script is an integral part of cPanel which not only helps to remove information from an account but also helps to terminate cPanel accounts. This document specifically shows the various options and their descriptions which are provided by the script. The noteworthy points which must be considered while using this script are mentioned in the document.