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How to Upload an Existing Website to cPanel

Posted by Allura on 30 03 2018.

A Brief Overview of cPanel

cPanel is a control panel which is used for web hosting and has an interface which is graphical in nature. It is an online panel which is Linux-based and has automation tools which are designed to make the process of hosting a website simple. It helps the administrators, resellers and end-user website owners to control the various aspects of websites. A very important aspect of cPanel is that an existing website can be uploaded to cPanel by following the relevant procedure.

Uploading an existing website to cPanel

The following steps must be performed in order to upload an existing website to cPanel:-

  • At the outset, the user has to log in to the cPanel portal and replace the IP address with the IP address for the server which has been provided in the Welcome e-mail
  • The user would be logged in to the cPanel portal for the account he wishes to upload the website/files for
  • The File Manager Icon has to be selected in the Files Section
  • The  Web Root (public_ HTML/www) option has to be selected and then the Go option must be selected
  • The File Manager Screen is now visible to the user
  • After clicking the Upload button the user has to select the Browse button to select the file/website which he wishes to upload
  • Next, the user has to navigate to the file/website which he wishes to upload and then select the open button
  • A status will be shown in the file/website upload and once the upload is complete the user has to click on the link Back to /home/customer/public _html
  • The website/file will now be seen in the File Manager Screen

Moving Website to cPanel Manually

The website can be moved to the cPanel manually by moving the files from one host to another which is called migration. The following steps must be performed in order to migrate the site to cPanel:

  • The user has to back up and download the website files and databases
  • The website files must be uploaded to the new host
  • The databases must be restored to the new host
  • The links or connection strings must be updated accordingly



Uploading existing websites on the cPanel is an important feature of cPanel. This article shows how to upload the website in cPanel and how to move a website to the cPanel manually.