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How to Train your Employees in cPanel?

Posted by Allura on 28 05 2018.


There are many aspects that plays a crucial role in the success as a hosting company. One of the most important factor that decides between a good hosting provider and an average provider is the level of the technical support they provide to their customers. By providing easy, firm solutions to the customers is the finest option to increase loyalty and retention. This also helps in promoting a brand value for your business. cPanel provides a range of well-documented training material so that your technical support executive can be at their best. That is why they are offering a well-designed course of action to support you so as to organize your team for better assistance to your clients.

Few steps of training process through which you can train your employee:-

First: How does your present training plan look like?

In order to decide this, you will have to take a record of your present training efforts as well as how your executive is presently being trained either for cPanel & WHM or Linux. There are few questions to consider, they are:

  1. Do you have a subject matter expert who is in charge for instructing the junior team members?
  2. Are employees having a base level knowledge when they start?
  3. What are the things your business doing to add to their technical knowledge?

Now considering a Training Industry Quarterly, it takes approx. one to two years before an employee becomes fully productive.

Second: What is addressed by the term ‘training’?

You should run a full diagnosis to find out what is addressed by the term ‘training”.

  1. What are the skills that turn your executives into extraordinary problem solvers?
  2. Is it a detailed knowledge of full system backups? Or a strong understanding of the boot process? Or it may be just getting a better understanding with EasyApache.

After getting a detail survey, you can start to enhance your training efforts.

Third: Who needs to be trained?

This step can be tricky but you’ll have to sort out who needs to be trained and who in your organization has the time and knowledge to assist these team members.

Forth: By when you need these changes?

Prepare a plan to initiate the changes.

  1. Assess whether the members will be able to take breaks from their normal duties for training or will you be giving overtime benefits?
  2. Can the needed members be present at the same time?


Now you have an outline of the procedure to train your employees and can execute the training procedures for the better performance of you esteemed organization.