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How to Monitor Disk Usage Space?

Posted by Allura on 05 04 2018.

General Overview

This particular interface will enable you to keep a track on how much space has been consumed or utilized in the cPanel. Besides, it also plays a significant role in giving you guidance as to how you must make use of the disk space of your account, and the directories or subdirectories. However, you might not be intimated about the latest changes undergoing in your directory account. Since the figures or values that the disk space usage displays are not capable of reflecting the former.

Some Key Features of the Interface

The important features of using this interface are as follows:

  • It enables you to manage and maintain your definite quota of the disk space.
  • It reflects upon the usage and consumption of big amounts of hard disk space by files and directories.
  • You are also notified about the disk usage space and its limitations through this interface.
  • It contains information about subdirectories and the various files and directories present in it.

How can you check the disk usage properties and monitor it all by yourself? To know, go through the following:

  • You can get a summary of the disk space usage which includes the files that are contained in the home directory, the files that are already present in the hidden or unknown subdirectories, a detailed list of emails and files or subdirectories that are not included in your home directory.
  • The graph along with bars helps you in understanding the figures of disk usage as compared to the largest directory.
  • The minute details included in the disk space usage, however, do not notify the user regarding the amount of space the directory itself consumes.
  • Both directories and subdirectories occupy an insignificant amount of the entire space.

However, most of the files consume a lot more disk space than their tangible size. 4 KB of disk space can be conveniently occupied by a file whose size is merely 300 byte. Owing to this several discrepancies may appear in the file manager interface of your cPanel [home >> files >> file manager] and in the interface display of the disk space usage.


The complete system consists of MySQL database size and PostgreSQL database size in a particular account which enhances the integrity of the functionalities in cPanel. There’s no expansion in the account’s disk space either if the databases tend to exceed the limit.