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How to Limit Bandwidth Usage in cPanel?

Posted by Allura on 03 05 2018.


You can see the bandwidth usage of your site by using this feature. It displays the most recent bandwidth usage, along with your entire bandwidth usage in cPanel. Traffic or visitor’s count takes an immense part in Bandwidth usage. Your website bandwidth will not cross the limit in any situation. If the bandwidth usage crosses the limit your website will turn down.  There are two ways to mitigate this problem, the first one is to turn on your hosting plan to VPS or Dedicated. This option is more preferable as it is comfortable to use and allows more traffic. And the second one is to alter the page size of your website along with decreasing the limit of daily visit in your website.


How to manage bandwidth limitation:

Here are the few steps to manage the bandwidth limitation in your cPanel account:-

  • Implementation of CDN: In Content Delivery Networks users are delivered cached content from the CDN instead of the origin server. This helps lower the costs as CDN bandwidth is cheaper than web host bandwidth and also accelerates the site speed.
  • Compressed Images: Compressing images is a good option to help reducing the amount of bandwidth usage without compromising the image quality.
  • Enable Hotlink Protection: Hotlink is an act of a third party website where they drive in your website’s assets on their own website by using your web bandwidth server. By enabling hotlink protection this can easily be controlled.
  • Use of Gzip Compression: Gzip compression also helps lowering the size of the files delivered to a user and can be turned on straight from the main server or by enabling by default through KeyCDN.
  • Using of a Non-Limiting Bandwidth Web Host: Selecting a web host provider who sets no limit in bandwidth usage will help users to access a site continuously without a bandwidth limit exceeded error.

In a nutshell:

Escaping a bandwidth limit exceeded error is a very fundamental problem if the limit offered for your site is reached. The visitors of your website will not be allowed to visit or access your website. Implementation of few steps will help to lower the tendency of occurring this trouble by ensuring a secured connection to your website instead of showing Bandwidth Limit Exceeded.