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How to Install a Perl Module?

Posted by Allura on 21 05 2018.

A brief overview

Perl Module software belongs to Perl programming language. Perl modules are often used in scripts. To integrate the module into the script, you need the retrieve it from the central repository and then get installed on the server.

Perl Module Magic User Loader

As it comes to cPanel and WHM version 11.36, the feature is deprecated. If disabled, the feature can’t be re-enabled. With this feature the users are allowed integrating Perl modules to the scripts without requiring to mention any individual path to any of the installed modules.

Perl Module Installer

With this feature, you can search for, download and then install Perl module. If you already know the name of the module, just enter the name in the Install a Perl Module box and then install.

You need to execute following steps for searching and installing a Perl module.

  1. Use any of the undermentioned ways for your desired module:
    • Insert search term in the given box and then choose Go
    • Now tickShow Available Perl Modules(s) box to enumerate Perl modules provided by CPAN.
  2. This interface displays below-mentioned data for every displayed module:
    • Module Name— Denotes the name of the module.
    • Version— Displays the version number of the module.
    • Description— Gives a brief description of the said module.
    • Actions— Denotes the actions to be performed for the module.
  3. Check Installbox next to module which you want to be downloaded and installed.
    • Tick Show Docsbox for the module to view a documentation of the module.
    • If you couldn’t find the module you are looking for, a new keyword may be inserted in the Search box followed by choosing Go.

Installed Perl Module(s)

This particular table enumerates every module existing on the server. The table below displays following data for each module installed on the server.

  1. Module Name – Describes name of the module.
  2. Version – Mentions the version number of the module.
  3. Actions – The following actions may be performed for every module.


Update – It updates the module.

Reinstall – This option reinstalls module from CPAN.

Uninstall This option removes the module from server.

Show DocsThis option reads the documentation of the module on CPAN.