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How to Copy an Account with Secure-Shell (SSH) Keys

Posted by Allura on 23 07 2018.

An Overview

Secure-Shell Keys, or as they are popularly known, SSH Keys are often used in order to securely transfer data from one server to another. Thus one can use SSH Keys to copy one’s cPanel account from a given source server to a given destination server.

The source server is the location of one’s existing cPanel account, while the destination server is the one it is to be relocated to. The process in itself is not unduly complicated and should be one a cPanel root user can negotiate with easy if he or she proceeds in accordance to the steps provided.

The Process Outlined

The method to be followed by a root user so as to successfully copy his or her account from one server to the other includes the following steps:

  • One must first login to the Destination server to which one wishes to transfer or copy the account.
  • The user must then make his or her way to the Manage root’s SSH Keys interface of WHM in order to be able to authorize, generate and download an SSH (public) Keys pair.
  • Having done this, one has to then login to the source server on which his or her account currently exists.
  • The user then once again has to access the Manage root’s SSH Keys interface and from the same, import the SSH public key generated from the destination server.
  • The key must be entered into the ‘Public’ section. The user then has to retrace his or her steps to the SSH Manager and locate the aforementioned public key from the respective section.
  • Having located it, the user has to locate the Manage Authorization section and simply select the option to Authorize the SSH key.
  • After the previous step has been completed one has to login once more to the Destination Server.
  • Finally, the user has to make his way to WHM’s Transfer Tools From this interface he or she can control the actual copying or transfer of his or her cPanel account.
  • The user has to feed in the correct information regarding the source server with which the transfer process is to be conducted.
  • The root login then enables to choose a method of authentication and to authenticate the process by choosing the SSH public key he or she has previously generated.


A Concluding Note

Once the final step has been completed, the account copy or transfer shall take place and the user’s cPanel account will then be accessible on the chosen destination server.