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How to Configure your Server to Optimize Web Content?

Posted by Allura on 30 04 2018.

A brief and quick overview

Configuring the server is a must in order to optimize web content. And this particular feature or interface of cPanel helps you configure your server so that it can compress particular genres of content automatically while visitors read or have access to the content. This feature can be availed vide (cPanel >> Home >> Software >> Optimize Website). However, to let the interface appear in cPanel, the system admin should be enabling mod_deflate Apache module.

How to manage compression successfully

While disabling the compression of the site’s content, just execute the following instructions.

  • Choose Disabled
  • Click the option namely Update Settings

While compressing contents on your website, execute the following instructions

  • First you need to log in to your cPanel account
  • Go to Optimize Website option under Software and Services dropdown
  • Click Compress all content option
  • Select Update Settings option

To indicate the list of content types that you want to compress, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Choose the options namely Compress the specified MIME types
  • In the MIME text box, type what types of content you want to compress. Make sure you separate them by a space – for instance, text/html text/plain text/xml.
    • Don’t include image file formats like .png or .jpg as they already compress data.
    • In case of PHP content, Apache can take the responsibility of compress them. however, you need to enable output_compression setting that you will find in the MultiPHP INI Editorinterface of cPanel vide  (Home >> Software >> MultiPHP INI Editor).
    • If you want to grab more information on it, get help from Internet.

As you’ve already made your choice, now click Update Settings option to implement the settings made by you.

  • Please note that your settings will be saved by cPanel to a .htaccess file in the home directory. The system admin accordingly customizes the settings with Apache FileMatch

Some more to explore

If you wish to grab more and useful information about mod_deflate module, you need to go well through the documentation for the versions of Apache for your server.  mod_deflate module is a file that takes care of the content compression part of a website. If you are not sure of the version of Apache of your server, click the Stats in the Home page of cPanel.