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How can you see the Historical View on Sent Summary

Posted by Allura on 16 03 2018.

A Brief Overview

One can access the Historical View after Selecting the Sent Summary option in the Email segment.

This particular feature shows one the cumulative message delivery attempts made within a given timeframe and date range by each domain of one’s server. Further, it breaks down the cumulative data into the number of successful attempts, failed attempts and total bytes sent by each specific domain.

How to View Information about Sent Emails

If one wishes to view the emails that specific domains on one’s server sent within a set date range and timeframe the following steps are to be enacted.

  1. Enter the Start Date and Start Time as well as the End Date and End Time to specify the time frame for which you want to view mail. Longer time frames require longer processing time.
  2. Click on Run Report

Results Table – A Historical View

Most importantly, to find out exactly the number of messages and the amount of data sent by each specific account within the already specified timeframe select Historical View. The following eight columns will appear on the display:


DomainThe particular Domain from which the messages were sent.
UserThe cPanel User owning the specified Domain.
SuccessfulNumber of Successful Mail Deliveries originating from the given Domain.
DeferralsNumber of Deferred Mail Deliveries originating from the given Domain.
FailuresNumber of Failed Mail Deliveries originating from the given Domain.
Failed and DeferredA total of both Failed and Deferred deliveries originating from the Domain in question.
Total MessagesA sum total of messages originating from the given Domain.
Data SentThe Total amount of Data that has been sent from the given Domain.


If one wishes to view particular information in the Results Table one can use the Table Options Icon to modify the same.

Further, one can add or remove Columns to the Results Table as required by selecting the corresponding check boxes.


Finally if one wants to view further detail about all messages sent by a particular User one can Select the Row in the Table containing the given User’s Name. This feature is thus of great use in the process of the tabulation and cross-checking of data and is quite simple in operation.