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How can you see the Current View on Sent Summary

Posted by Allura on 22 03 2018.

Brief Overview

One can access the Current View after Selecting the Sent Summary option in the Email segment.

The feature allows one to view in a tabulated format the Current message relay Deliveries within a specified timeframe from a particular Domain. It also shows one the Deferral and Failure Statistics of the same.

How to View Sent Email Information

  • To view information about emails sent by domains on your server within a specified range of date and time all you need to do is input the Start Date, Start Time, End Date and End Time respectively.
  • Following that, select the Run Report option.

Results Table – A Current View

To check the Current Status of each account you can simply click on Current View. The following four columns will appear by Default on the display interface :

Column Description
Relay per Hour If a Green Icon is visible it indicates that the number of messages sent within the hour by the given Domain is within the Relay limit while a Red Icon indicates that the limit has been exceeded.
Deferrals + Failures per Hour  Similarly, in this case, a Green Icon means that the Domain is yet to cross the limit for Deferred or Failed Messages within the hour while a Red Icon means that it has exceeded the same.
Domain The Domain from which the messages in question have all originated.
User The cPanel User who owns the respective Domain.


Modifying the Information Viewed in the Results Table

In case you want to modify the information viewed in the Results Table, use the Table Options Icon. To add a column simply select the corresponding check box and to remove a column deselect the corresponding checkbox.

Also, in case you want to narrow down the list of senders all you have to do is enter the relevant criteria in the ‘Search…’ text box. The filter will remain applicable until manually erased by you.


You can view further details of a user’s email transactions in a single click by selecting the row with the User’s Name. You will then be redirected to the Mail Delivery Interface.

This feature is hence a useful tool that enables you to keep track of a User’s current email transactions and the rate of success, deferral or failure respectively in the same.