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Here’s Why You Need a LightSpeed Web Server

Posted by Jeff on 02 05 2016.

Our new addition to the family of cPanel and WHM comes from an apache-interchangeable high performance, secure, and easy-to-use web software; it is capable of handling thousands of connections at the same time using a small piece of memory.  Users that invest in our innovative technology receive a comprehensive range of features, an easy-to-use web administration console, and help conquering the challenges of deploying an effective web serving architecture. Our hands-free feature, LiteSpeed Web Server works to give you a smooth ride in apache replacement alongside any hosting control panels written for Apache. Take a look inside what makes our technology-increased performance comprehensive, flawless, and leading edge.


What are the benefits of investing in the LiteSpeed Web Server? The results will speak for themselves, but in order toserver see them you must understand what this has to offer. Our apache compatible htaccess support holds us accountable for any technical difficulties or server crashes that may occur.  We take all of our clients’ feedback seriously and aim to improve our services to them. The apache compatible URL rewrite engine enables you, as the web user, to customize a web’s URL and other functions. Enjoy other features, like virtual host-level bandwidth throttling, SSL, IPv4, IPv6, built in page catching and ESI support, websocket proxying, and much more.


Affordability is at the core of the LiteSpeed Web Server with many options for pricing packages. If you are still using Apache, then the ability to test drive and benchmark LSWS in your own hostile environment exists. A major difference in performance gains safety of enterprise level support. A LiteSpeed VPS license comes at a cost of $13.95 per month, Ultra VPS $19.00 per month, 1 CPU license $31.00 per month, et cetera.

Speed Benefits

The the web builder up to six times faster than Apache. It creates a nexus for business to harvest their connection to clients through web building opportunities by allowing them a speed that is three times faster than Apache in SSL. Website speed is important for ranking in search engines. The easier the search engine bots crawl your website, the better rank you will get in search results. Visitors will have happier experiences visiting your site, and they will want to stay on it.

Performance and Stability

Using the streamlined event-driven architecture, the LiteSpeed Web Server can serve thousands of clients at the same time with no interruptions. Your high traffic server has found its information technology web server software. The LiteSpeed Web Server becomes a practical solution to get high scalability and high performance. It can quickly and easily replace the long wait times in your existing web server because it’s completely Apache interchangeable. This software is used by web administrators with the control panels of the web server, such as cPanel. The software provider launches new releases regularly, so your website is ensured to be using its full capacity every single moment.  Reliability is no stranger to this software as LiteSpeed is available for Mac OS X, Solaris, Free BSD, and Linux.