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Getting a cPanel License

Posted by Jeff on 27 02 2016.

We are here to help! The solution to all of your web building and managing needs starts with a cPanel and cPanel license. A variety of options are available to choose from and there are distinguished types of cPanel licenses for that trustworthy cPanel WHM system on your website. If we’re talking benefits, there may be too many to even list, however, we will distinguish a few that may be most beneficial to your specific hosting needs. For instance, developers who automate standard system administration processes will benefit from a security feature like a cPanel License as it will lock down all the work and effort that goes into web building from your end.

cPanel licenses

Pieces of the Puzzle

There are many great pieces for the cPanel puzzle. Graphical interface and automation tools that help simplify hosting a website. It all seems very complex at first but once you invest in a cPanel system backed up by a trusted cPanel license, all the pieces fall together. Oftentimes with cPanel comes a supported WHM which is the backbone of web management and development. It helps organize apps, upload pictures, choose themes, customize the web building experience and most importantly make the business grow from a functional website.

Web Image

In this day and age, we must take the time to distinguish different factors that affect the growth and success of a business as compared to what it was in the 00’s or 90’s. These days, investors, site visitors, stakeholders, and others on your website pay maximum attention to the layout and content of your site. They spend considerable time looking at the way it’s organized, basing their evaluation process on things like: theme, relevant content, visuals (as most experts understand that today’s audience is visual), and an affordable but unique product. Building up that web Image is crucial for success, not just in the online world, but also in the real world where your image must match your online presentation. A WHM and cPanel license helps secure all the work and labor that you, as a web developer, invest into this online image. Utilize your time by using only the most supportive aspects of the cPanel.

Types of Licenses

Weigh out all of your options. We have set up a variety of different types of cPanel licenses for the convenience of our users that like to have a selection of choices. Nobody wants just one option for their versatile web building needs. Take for example, our cPanel WHM VPS Monthly, it is $14.95 and compares that with our cPanel & WHM Dedicated Monthly, which is $34.95. The biggest difference between the two types of cPanel licenses is the security and server privacy features you are getting along with it.

The VPS is a virtual private server, while the dedicated WHM & cPanel license is a more enhanced security system for web builders that want to lock down their work in a different fashion. Every web-builder has different preferences, so what it comes down to is personal preference.