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Get cPanel Email Account on Your iOS Device

Posted by Alex on 20 04 2017.

Thanks to the people behind the very popular Linux-based control panel cPanel & WHM, you can now have your cPanel email accounts linked to your devices that run on the iOS (Apple’s operating system).

When you want to set up your iOS device to receive and send emails from your cPanel email account, follow these steps compatible with the OS version 7.1.

  1. Tap on the “Settings” icon.

You will usually find the Settings icon in one of the main screens of your iOS device. Tap on this and Settings menu pops up.

  1. Locate the option for “Mail, Contacts, Calendars.”

Under the Settings menu, look for the “Mail, Contacts, and Calendars” options and tap on it. Doing so will bring up the “Mail, Contacts, and Calendars” window.

3.    Tap on the option forAdd Account.”

Under the “Mail, Contacts, and Calendars” menu, look for the “Add Account” option and tap on it. The next screen that pops up is the “Add Account” menu.

4.    Tap on the “Other” option.

Tapping the “Other” option you will find under the “Add Account” menu on your mail account types will bring up the “Other menu.”

  1. Tap the “Add Mail Account” option.

When you tap on the “Add Mail Account” found under the “Other” menu, it will bring up the “New Account” interface.

  1. Key in all the required information.

The “New Account” interface will require you to enter various information in the provided text boxes. These include the following:

  • Name text box – Put in a name you want to use for a specific cPanel webmail account.
  • Email text box – Just place here your cPanel webmail address.
  • Password text box – Key in the corresponding password for the email address you just typed in.
  • Description text box – Here, just put in any description you want regarding the email account you wish to link to your iOS device.

Tap on the “Next” button to proceed.

7.    Choose a type of mailbox.

The next window you will see will ask you to choose a type of mailbox. Just use the toggle button located at the top of your device’s screen to choose the mailbox type you prefer.

You should pick the IMAP mailbox type rather than the POP 3 one, as the latter will download all the information about your email from the server to your device and delete them from the server afterwards.

Confirm that every piece of information you have entered are correct and then tap on Next to bring up the next screen.

  1. Key in the proper information for the incoming mail server.

The next window will contain several text boxes wherein you would have to enter information.

  • Host Name text box – Place here your email account’s domain.
  • User Name text box – Enter the cPanel email address you want to link to your iOS device.
  • Password text box – Put in the password that matches the email address you just keyed in.

Tap Next.

  1. Tap on the “Notes” toggle.

Before clicking on the “Save” button, you should tap on the Notes toggle to disable it.

Lastly, tap on the “Save” option to finalize the setup process of your cPanel webmail account with your iOS device.