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Functions of Statistics Software Configuration

Posted by Allura on 20 06 2018.

Overview of Statistics Software Configuration

Statistics Software Configuration gives all kind of   information about the server statistics and statistics software. The cPanel and WHM servers include three statistics applications namely:

  1. Analog
  2. AWStats
  3. Webalizer

For cPanel and WHM

WHM >> Home >> Server Configuration >> Statistics Software Configuration

Specific User’s Statistics Summary

In order to view the cPanel  accounts Statistics process, the user must perform the following steps:-

  1. The User must Select All or a select any kind of  specific cPanel user from the User to Display 
  2. Click Go. A new interface appears that displays the account’s statistics process information, as well as specific information for each of the three statistics generators.
    • The User must Click Detailsto view a statistics generator’s information.
    • The User has to check and see whether the statistics generator isenabled or disabled.
    • The user must check the statistics generator’s Global Generator Defaults setting is enabled or disabled.
      • Click Changeto return to the main Statistics Software Configuration interface.
      • The User must use the Generators Configuration section of the interface to modify the settings for that generator.
    • The Root user may grant the user permission to generator configuration..
      • Click Changeto return to the main Statistics Software Configuration
      • Use the User Permissions section of the interface to modify that user’s permissions.
    • The process by which the root user grants the user permission to change any generator’s status from the default.
      • The user must Click Change to log in to cPanel as the user that you selected and navigate to cPanel’s Metrics Editor interface (cPanel >> Home >> Metrics >> Metrics Editor).



Status of the Statistics Summary

This part of the interface allows the user to view important information about the server statistics software

The Process used by the User for Statistics

This kind of  process allows the user to initiate individual cPanel Accounts Statistics. This process runs in the background and stores the results while you continue to work in WHM. When the process finishes, you can view these statistics from the user’s cPanel interface.

In order to process with the user’s statistics, select the user from the User to Process menu and click Go.


Users Permission

This section of the Interface allows the user to specify which cPanel users can modify the statistics software.


This Article provides for the different functions which are performed by the Statistics Software Configuration.