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Four Top Rated cPanel Add-Ons

Posted by Allen on 13 05 2017.

One of the reasons why cPanel is preferred by more website owners, data centers and system administrators is the wide range of plug-ins or add-ons available. These add-ons can enhance the overall functionality of the cPanel, and make work a lot easier for its end users.

Some of these highly-rated plugins or add-ons for cPanel that you might want to use for your server or website are:

  1. Softaculous

This is a leading auto installer that makes installation of applications to a website a lot easier through the use of predefined scripts. Said scripts allow users to accomplish tasks like restoring website, creating content, creating backups, or managing updates. To date, there are more than 350 scripts available on Softaculous.

Softaculous has enabled millions of end users install applications with a few clicks. It is highly recommended for use of web hosting firms as it can help them boost their sales.

Users also have the option to see demo of web applications so they can get an idea of how the app looks like. They can also rate and review the apps to help future buyers in choosing the right app for their websites.

  1. Trendy Site Builder

This website builder is another cPanel add-on or plug-in that can make life easier for website owners.  It has a simple and easy-to-use interface that even a person with minimal understanding of website design will be able to understand and control. This add-on has been cited by top technology websites like

With Trendy Site Builder, users can build their own Flash websites, mobile websites, Facebook pages, and SEO optimized websites.

Users will be able to select from a wide array of pre-designed templates. These templates are also fully customizable.  Users can also incorporate e-commerce functions in their websites.  With its intuitive interface, numerous pre-designed templates, and additional features, it is not surprising that Trendy Site Builder is a top-ranked cPanel add-on.

  1. JetBackup

This is a top backup app for cPanel. It lets users back up their cPanel account quickly. It features a user friendly interface, which users can easily navigate to automate backups, schedule multiple backups, and limit backup space for users, among other functionalities or features that this add-on offers.

While cPanel also offers its own backup service, JetBackup offers more specialized services. It can let users backup their accounts on an hourly basis. This is recommended for website owners who have sites with constantly changing data.

  1. RVSkin

This skin management add-on for cPanel servers is designed to differentiate the hosting services of users from those of its parent web hosting firms.

With RVSkin, users will be able to disable main FTP access in case an end-user account gets frequently exploited due to a compromised PC. It also provides users with features such as limiting the number of cron job end-users allowed to enter and configuring webmail interface.

These four add-ons make cPanel an even more user-friendly and powerful control panel, one that is a lot more useful to its millions of users worldwide.