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6/18/2011 – Fantastico and cPanel

Posted by admin on 18 06 2011.

Fantastico has been making website owner’s lives easier for many years, and continues to be the preferred auto installer on many web hosts and dedicated servers worldwide. The Fantastico website boasts of more than one million end users that have the ability to install a variety of web applications for their websites. The ease of use of having an auto installer, allows everyone with a website to use more of our time in being productive and less time installing software.


[toggle title=”Why use Fantastico?”]

Once you purchase a Fantastico license and install it on your server, you have essentially increased the overall satisfaction of your clients through its simplicity and convenience. Although the ease of use is greatly appreciated by seasoned website veterans, Fantastico allows those who are relatively new to web hosting to get their websites operational in less time and effort. Of course, a Fantastico license is available to those who operate their own dedicated servers as well.[/toggle]


[toggle title=”How well does Fantastico integrate with cPanel?”]Licensed cPanel users who want to implement Fantastico should have no problems as once installed Fantastico operates from the cPanel just as most any other web application. When you want to run Fantastico, you simply click on the icon in your cPanel and the program will launch. It is as simple as following the on-screen instructions.[/toggle]


[toggle title=”What are the benefits or features of Fantastico?”]

Fantastico does one thing and it does it very well. It provides an almost one-click application installer that is accessible from cPanel. Unlike some applications, Fantastico will also install applications to subdomains as well as the website’s root domain. It will also install applications to add-on domains as well. This one feature alone provides our client’s with enhanced flexibility.


From a server administrator’s perspective, Fantastico provides:

  • A page that allows the administrator to view all applications that our clients, and in the case of resellers-their clients, have installed on their accounts.
  • The ability to manage languages.
  • Email notifications from users who are requesting installations and removals.
  • The ability to provide custom solutions to different users and resellers so they may have or offer a different set of options for their own needs and users.
  • The ability to report and correct common problems.
  • Instant notification of available software updates.
  • A news feed from the Fantastico developer that notifies the administrator of news, updates, security issues, etc.

Of course, not all of the admin features are strictly for server administrators. Our clients also benefit by knowing what applications they have installed; the ability to select a language; email notifications; and a warning if they are logged in on the reseller or user password.

While auto installers such as Softaculous may offer a greater number of available scripts to those who have purchased their license, Fantastico continues to provide those who have purchased a Fantastico license a great variety of scripts that continue to fulfill many of our needs. Among some of the types of scripts that Fantastico is able to auto install include:

  • Blogs
  • Forums or discussion boards
  • Customer support
  • Shopping carts
  • Billing
  • Mailing lists
  • Image galleries
  • Wikis
  • Many, many more

You still cannot go wrong when you purchase a Fantastico license and enjoy the many benefits of a tried and true industry leader.


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