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Essential Features of WHM cPanel

Posted by Jeff on 16 12 2015.

WHM cPanel acts a duo control interface that organizes addons and provides a graphical interface that has been designed to enhance the process of hosting a website. cPanel provides users with a 3-part structure that utilizes administration capabilities and various aspects of website and server administration through a standard web browser. Collectively, WHM and cPanel give you the luxury of a virtual assistant without the high initial costs involved in hiring an actual person to organize the website. It is deemed a powerful program that administrates access to the back end of cPanel, allowing web builders to create their own pages, manage emails, accounts, and other features on their mobile phone as well as on their desktop.


WHM cPanel

cPanel has several number of addons and applications to improve performance. Some essential features of cPanel help improve the functionality and performance of your website. These include addons like Joomla, which is an open source software application that helps manage website content and apps more efficiently. WHMCS, which is a complete solution that provides the billing support packages for online business, also helps in setting up the hosting accounts. Some addons provide an additional interactive experience with the web builder as it gives them the ability to use the web interface for mailing purposes. Every feature has a purpose on the cPanel, and the goal is to help the web builders create a popular, functional, and appealing website.

WHM cPanel

Here’s how it works: the cPanel account is created within the WHM, which is an interface that allows for the organization of applications and all other information gathered about a news topic. Reselling web hosting means reselling your own hosting account. You can create additional cPanel accounts within the WHM, and you can apply certain restrictions per account. What does this mean? This gives web builders more flexibility in terms of the range of ways in which they can make changes to their website and still remain efficient. Want to add extra pages on your website, make an interactive feedback button for visitors, or add graphics? Do it the easy way with WHM cPanel, hassle-free.


Bundle your hosting addons with a BuycPanel product that is purchased via your billing system. This essential addon module manages the activation status of your cPanel license through your WHMCS, allows you to view a listing of all your current products with us from one simple location, and provides a list of license products directly through WHMCs. Combining WHMCS with products of your cPanel license gives you a variety of options without ever leaving your WHMCS.  Get on board with this helpful system and its essential features of WHM cPanel; it can make the web building experience more interactive with not just you, but also your website visitors—those who are always looking for the next best thing.

Your cPanel license is activated just as soon as the purchase is made, so there no discomfort in having to wait for the activation. You can get started on building that website as soon as you buy the license.