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Enkompass offers a web hosting control panel system for Microsoft Windows® Server-based hosts. With central management of multiple servers across an Active Directory domain, Enkompass makes it easy to control and grow your hosting business.

Top Business Features


  • Reduce software licensing costsQuickly add servers as your business grows, paying only for the licenses you need on each type of server.
  • Gain access to 30% more market shareAccording to Netcraft, Microsoft IIS7 is is one of the two leading web server technologies, installed on over 60,000,000 servers worldwide.
  • Reduce support costsSingle sign-on provides easier management, greater time savings, and the ability to add new resources.
  • Accurate & fast reportingEasily run reports on bandwidth utilization, disk space utilization, active accounts, resource availability and more, for instant access to valuable decision-making tools.
  • Offer premium hosting plansAs a commercial technology, WindowsR web hosting can command premium prices. This provides you the opportunity to increase your bottom line.


In designing Enkompass, we combined our 10 years of experience as a leading innovator of web hosting software with a fresh, user-based approach. As a result, Enkompass is built from the ground up in native WindowsR technologies, with flexibility in mind.

Enkompass is designed to be used in a distributed server environment. This means that one or more Enkompass server(s) will be able to manage many web servers across a Windows domain, allowing for easy automation and maintenance of a set of servers – up to an entire data center.

Enkompass supports two mail systems: MailEnableR or SmarterMailR. SmarterToolsR, our preferred vendor, is providing us with an exclusive Lite version of SmarterMail that works with unlimited domains.

Enkompass creates databases and user accounts for MySQLR 5, and Microsoft SQL ServerR 2005 and 2008.


Because Enkompass uses Active Directory, user information and reseller privileges are safely stored with scalability in mind. The reseller structure includes multi-level reselling; in other words, resellers can sell to resellers.

In addition to the ability to manage multiple servers with one Enkompass install, you get user-based licensing, so you only pay for the users you need. You can easily upgrade your license when additional users are required. Plus, you can conveniently add web, mail and database servers as your business grows.

Website files and user accounts can be centrally located on a SAN, NAS or file server, making them available to all the servers in your domain. And Enkompass provides a system of redundant and scalable web servers.

Performance and Security

After studying Microsoft IIS7, we’ve seen a major increase in performance and security, so we will be releasing our product to work with Microsoft IIS7 and Windows Server 2008. You can find more information about Windows Server 2008 at the Microsoft website. You should install Enkompass on a fresh copy of Microsoft Windows Server 2008.

Consistency with Our Linux Control Panels

The Enkompass interface mirrors that of cPanel/WHM for Linux. This allows your staff and customers familiar with cPanel/WHM to understand both products without having to relearn their daily workflow. This should reduce training time for your staff and provide a better customer experience. While many features of Enkompass are the same as cPanel/WHM for Linux, features incompatible with Windows have been removed, and some Windows-only features have been added. Enkompass does, however, retain the rich reseller and account features of cPanel/WHM for Linux.

Enkompass Pricing

Number of accounts License term Cost Price per account
500 Monthly $55.00 $0.11
500 Yearly $600.00 $1.20
500 2 Years $1100.00 $2.20
500 3 Years $1500.00 $3.00
1000 Monthly $105.00 $0.105
1500 Monthly $150.00 $0.10

What Is an Account?

For licensing purposes, an Enkompass “account” is a primary user account that can
allocate resources. It should not be confused with an Enkompass “user.”

The following are not considered Enkompass accounts:

  • Domain names
  • Database users
  • Mail users
  • FTP users
  • Application users (such as WordPress®)

The following are considered Enkompass accounts:

  • Primary login to the Web Site Owner Interface
  • Primary login to the Reseller Interface
  • Primary login to the System Administrator Interface


Single Server

It is possible to use one server to host Enkompass and all of the web hosting services that it controls. We use this structure when developing our code and demonstrating the product. However, this is not a desirable solution in the WindowsR world because of licensing expenses, performance issues, security issues, and software conflicts.

Distributed System

Enkompass was designed to control a web hosting environment where the mail, database, and web services are distributed among servers optimized for each service. In this environment, you can control your licensing costs and add performance as you need it: you can add multiple web servers, mail servers, and database servers as the workload increases.

Enkompass Requirements

Enkompass requires the following components and versions of those components to work.

Hardware Requirements

Component Requirement
Processor x64-based processor
Memory Recommended: 4 GB RAM
Disk Space 40GB+ shared disk

Software Requirements

Component Requirement
Architecture x64
Operating System Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2008 R2
   Editions    Web*, Standard, Data Center, or Enterprise Edition
Web Server IIS 7.x
Authentication Active Directory
FTP Server Microsoft FTP 7.x (Enkompass-installed)

* Web Edition does not include Active Directory, which is required by Enkompass. If you are configuring a standalone server, you will need to install Standard, Data Center, or Enterprise Edition.

Supported Optional Software

Component Versions Supported
MailEnable 3.5 (Standard, Professional, or Enterprise)
SmarterMail 6.x or 7.x (Lite, Pro, or Enterprise)
PHP 5.3.4, 5.3.6
Microsoft® SQL Server® 2005, 2008, 2008R2, or SQL Express
MySQL 5.1 – 5.5

Note: You can only use 1 of the 2 mail handlers listed above on a single physical server — you will need to choose between MailEnable or SmarterMail.