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Digesting the Idea of a WHM cPanel

Posted by Jeff on 01 02 2016.

A collaborative interface that features the WHM and cPanel works together to make the web building experience smoother. The web host manager assists users through the web hosting control panel system. This manages the different parts of a server’s web hosting needs. The web host manager is the server administrator that controls the server from a web interface. It manages domain accounts, restart services, and allows you to manage your hosting and reseller accounts, and more. The cPanel adds to it by assisting to manage and monitor a web builder’s website. It provides many useful features like addons and apps. Domain owners can manage email and ftp accounts, view site statistics, manage addons, and parked domains. Here will discuss more about the interactive interface of the WHM cPanel.

Interactive Interface

WHM offers administrative access to the back end of cPanel. It is like the mother board for the basis of a website. WHM cPanel  ( ) allows web builders to control cPanel by using WHM to focus on certain websites of high importance or manage loads of websites. Clients are able to see their bandwidth usage, so upgrading from shared hosting to VPS hosting is a no-brainer. A small tip for running a reseller webhosting business is that you can set up multiple cPanel accounts by assigning one account to each client. This may be most useful for reseller accounts, webhosting providers or for those with a number of sites as it can help manage accounts.

WHM cPanel

User assistive

The WHM cPanel is designed for web builders trying to grow the wealth of their business. It works side by side with web builders to help make the layout of their website something worth discussing for their clients. The control panel remains a plugin system for installing applications and configuring extra servers.


This software is used to perform administrative and management operating system tasks and provides access to specific software features. It has been created to manage almost all the aspects of the website, including functionality, users and passwords, options, network settings, display settings, and much more. Within the control panel, there are many different ways to upgrade a web builder’s website. Site owners turn to their cPanel for organizational and performance help for their website. It takes all the ideas of web builders and organizes them into categories in folders to ensure that it follows a particular order. The WHM cPanel is simply the better of two worlds.

cPanel’s WHM administrates control of a dedicated or Virtual Private server (VPS). Web builders use WHM to create individual accounts, add domains to their server, manage hosting features, and perform basic system and control panel maintenance. The WHM cPanel allows for conjunctive use to assist web builders in the process of making their website more functional and interactive. The cPanel WHM uses various features and addons to create a fun and unique experience through theme changes, organizational assistance and helpful account configurations.


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