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Determining a Browser Locale

Posted by Allura on 19 06 2018.

A Brief Overview

cPanel and WHM version 11.32 has a feature where the users can select a locale in a session. A localised login page has been implemented to facilitate this. There are several determining factors based on which the locale is selected. While logging in to cPanel, WHM, or Webmail, a service scans through the system checking whether it meets the recommended specifications.

cpsrvd Service Checks

After you have logged in to the cPanel, WHM, or Webmail interface, the locale will be determined by the cpsrvd service by running certain checks:

  1. The URL contains a locale query string parameter.

Say the URL is :

Here ru denotes the language. The locale selected in the cPanel interface will therefore be Russian.

The session_locale cookie is set to the same value if a locale query string parameter exists in the URL.



  • The account’s configured locale is overwritten by the session_locale
  • The validity of the session_locale cookie is one year.


  1. A specified locale is used by the user’s session and login interface if the session_locale cookie is already contained within the browser’s system.
  2. When a locale query string hasn’t been specified by the URL and a session_locale cookie hasn’t been determined by the browser, the cpsrvd service checks for an Accept- Language header sent by the browser. If the cpsrvd service finds that the browser has sent the Accept- Language header, it will use the first valid locale in accordance with the data returned by the Accept- Language header.


Please note that the Accept- Language header is not supported by all browsers. Although you shouldn’t be having a problem if the browser you are using is an updated one.

  1. If your configuration settings do not agree with the specifications mentioned above, the selected locale in the Server Locale option will be used by the login system. It can be found in WHM’s Tweak Settings interface (WHM > Home > Server Configuration > Tweak Settings)

This setting is located within the /var/cpanel/cpanel.config file as a variable of the service_locale file.

  1. If none of the above criteria are met by your system, U.S English is set as the default locale by the login system.

A Concluding Note

cPanel and WHM has a set of established guidelines based on which a particular browser locale is set. Using the steps outlined above you can easily tweak the browser locale as per your needs and requirements.