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Creating a Website with the RVSiteBuilder in cPanel

Posted by Alex on 01 03 2017.

For cPanel users looking to build their businesses by creating websites that showcase their products or services, RVSiteBuilder is a wonderful software program to use in creating unique websites. RVSiteBuilder is a program that allows you to create and publish a website in under a few minutes. It also allows you total control of all the activity ongoing in your website such as uploading videos, pictures, audio, and other types of media files. In addition, this program allows you to upload content information about your products and services so that visitors of your website will gain information and knowledge about what you have to offer. For those new to using this program, here is a helpful guide that will allow you to build your website efficiently.


Step 1 – Creating a Website


Log in to your cPanel’s RVSiteBuilder program by typing in your username and Password. Once you gain access inside the RVSiteBuilder homepage, click on the Create Website icon where you will need to type a new Project Name. In this page, you will need to fill out multiple boxes that require information such as Web Site Title, Company Name, and Slogan among others. After entering all the information, click on the Save and Continue to Step 2 button to advance.


Step 2 – Selecting a Template Design


The second step of creating your website on RVSiteBuilder is to select a template for your website design. One amazing advantage of using this program is it gives you up to 773 templates to choose from. It may take some time on your end in selecting an ideal template but when you find the right design, the satisfaction is worth it.


Step 3 – Customizing the Template


Upon selecting a template, you may now further customize it through RVSiteBuilder’s Select your Web Site Style. This interface allows you to change website Color, Pictures, resolution, and font. It also allows you to set your page structure. This includes adding sub-pages on your website such as:


  • About Us
  • Products
  • Services
  • Portfolio
  • Orders
  • Demo


Step 4 – Managing Site Content


The next step in building a website via RVSiteBuilder is to manage your website’s information content by including other web pages on your website through the WYSWYG editor. This feature allows you to make the necessary edits to your webpage. It also allows you to view what your website will look like in real time on the Internet. Next, you will need to Customize your Webpage Title. This step requires you to set up Page Titles, Meta Tags, for search engines, and Page Effects among others.


Step 5 – Publishing Your Website


Once you have completed all editing on your webpage and are satisfied with how your webpage looks, it is time to publish your website. To save all changes and publish your website online, simply hit the Publish button and in a few moments, your website will now be featured online for the entire world to visit.