How is cPanel Licensed?

The type of cPanel license you need and use depends on the type of server that has been set up; virtual or full dedicated. All cPanel licenses come with a (Web Host Manager) WHM on the base IP and client cPanel interfaces on all accounts setup on that server. There is no license “key” required, as all licenses are activated by us on the base IP address of your server.
A dedicated server needs one full dedicated cPanel license. This type of server does not run any virtualization software. This one license covers all the accounts set up on that dedicated server (unlimited domains). You can set up unlimited client accounts with their own client cPanel, all under the one license.

Our cheap cPanel VPS licenses will ONLY work on servers with virtualization software such as Virtuozzo, Xen, OpenVZ or VMware software installed. Virtualization software sets up different virtual instances within a physical server that you can resell to clients. You will need to have one cPanel VPS license for EACH virtual instance that you setup on you server. You can buy them one at a time as you resell your partitions to clients.

There is no difference between a WHM full cPanel dedicated license and a cPanel VPS license; all features, functionality and options are exactly the same. With both licenses, as long as the server’s base IP has a cPanel license on it, it will cover unlimited IP’s, virtual accounts, IP-based accounts and any other type of account you set up on that server. One license CANNOT cover two servers. One server cannot have both types of cPanel licenses (VPS and Dedicated), so there is no need for you to put a full dedicated cPanel license on your VPS server.

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