cPanel VPS Optimized

VPS Optimized automates performance settings to provide an out of the box enhanced hosting solution.

Reducing overall memory consumption is the goal of VPS Optimized 2.0. It boasts a 12-15 Megabyte reduction in standing memory usage. Add that to the nearly 60% memory usage reduction from previous versions. This is accomplished while retaining all functionality of a regular cPanel/WHM installation.

Additional improvements include a redesigned log processing daemon that reduces memory utilization and a process monitoring daemon that includes service-specific verification. The third layer of performance enhancing features focuses on DNS clustering with the syncing process and error detection.

Deployment of the Optimized version is available with cPanel and WHM 11.24. When 11.24 is installed or updated these enhancements are automatically applied and immediately available.

Testing Results

cPanel VPS Optimized has been tested specifically on VPS instances with low amounts of total memory. Baseline memory usage numbers were significantly reduced by updating a VPS from cPanel / WHM to cPanel VPS Optimized with no other changes. Baseline memory usage numbers are provided below: