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cPanel VPS and Your Business

Posted by Jeff on 29 02 2016.

The growth of your business or services should trigger a thought in your mind: How does a Virtual Private Server (VPS) play a role in your success? A VPS cPanel system works to enhance the speed and privacy of your website. Hosting becomes a non-issue as we expand our services for you, as a user, by providing a dedicated support system. Our dedicated support system is always running to make sure hosting is not an issue for the business you’re running. With this system, the hosting needs for your business will always be met. We give 100% to ensure all issues are resolved with specific attention to your website’s customized needs. There are plenty of benefits to switching to a cPanel VPS system, one of which is cutting costs and saving time. Learn how this type of system can be a great support for a growing business.

Save Time = Cut Costs

Hosting providers, corporations, entrepreneurs, and bloggers, what do they all have in common? One main thing is the desire to conserve time and money. These are the two most essential but scarce resources. We save these two by providing a cPanel VPS which takes hosting needs to the next level by minimizing system administrator workload and saving money on labor. VPS cPanel and a supportive cPanel license means dedicating your energy to company growth and not having a doubt in your mind about the well-being of the website. Our promise to you is that we will take care of this to our fullest ability.

cPanel VPS

Improve Site Response Times

There are things you can do as a VPS cPanel and cPanel license owner and web developer to speed up site response time and reduce load. Applications like Apache may not always be the speediest or most efficient application for performance standards. This is why there are ways to enhance the performance by following a few easy tips. For instance, configure your Apache settings to the likings of the site it will be supporting, after all you want the best results out of the system. Apache can be one of the biggest hogs of server resources if it is not configured correctly, especially on a VPS. Take a look at the various settings, such as KeepAlive, MaxClients, StartServers and more that can be tweaked to provide a better performing server. By knowing these handy tips, you can expand your business more quickly.

Optimizing Content

This means an important part of your server’s performance is the content it is delivering. Many useful and free online tools that can analyze your site for potential improvements are beneficial to the profit of the business in the long run. These tools, include Google’s PageSpeed, or, provide ways to measure speed and performance. It can also help you point out places in your site and on your server that can be optimized.  The VPS cPanel license paired with these efficient tips provides your mind with comfort and peace knowing that all tasks are handled most efficiently by your trusty sidekick. Have faith and know everything in your business runs smoothly.