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cPanel Tips: A Helpful User Guide for Blesta

Posted by Alex on 17 04 2017.

When running a website that offers products and services, Blesta is a very powerful billing software that allows web hosts to manage the financial part of their websites efficiently. As most websites allow visitors to order specific products or services, website administrators must keep track of all orders, invoices, balances, and other types of revenues. The use of Blesta makes billing an extremely easy process even with all the information that cPanel users must deal with on an hourly basis. For those considering the use of Blesta for billing purposes, here is a useful guide that will familiarize users with this powerful billing software.


Managing Blesta’s Home Interface


When you log on to your cPanel and access Blesta, you will be directed to its home page. Here you have many options available to you such as a calendar on the left side of the page to manage your billing hours. On the home page, you also have many options of managing Active Clients, Active Users, Active Services, and Recurring Invoices.


How to Manage Blesta’s Billing Interface


To access Blesta’s Billing interface, click on the Billing icon found on top of the Home page. You will be directed into the Billings page where you will have access to your revenue streams. Some of the options include the following:


  • Revenue Today
  • Revenue this Month
  • Revenue this Year
  • Invoiced Today
  • Invoiced this Month
  • Outstanding Balance


Managing Invoices


Another useful feature in Blesta allows you to manage your invoices. Click on the Invoices icon found right below the section that has a Client option. Once inside the Invoices page, you will be able to see all your current invoices in table form. To manage each invoice, you can click on the Edit, View, and Pay options. You can also click on the Manage icon where you can edit each billing invoice according to your current orders.




The Packages option of your Blesta interface allows you to access Service Information that has the name of your product as well as the name of your client. It also shows the quantity of products ordered as well as any renewed orders from clients. Another useful option in the Packages interface is the Create a Package option. This allows you to enter your product and create unique descriptions that will make your product seem more attractive to buyers. This is useful in selling more products.


Payment Gateways


When selling your products, your website must have all the popular payment vendors available so that customers will have no problem paying for your goods. The Payment Gateway in Blesta is located in the Setting portion of the home screen, which is right beside the Logout button. In the Payment Gateways page, you have capabilities off adding some very major payment vendors to your website so that customers have multiple payment options. These popular vendors include:


  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • eWAY
  • Net