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Providing Long-Term Support and Improved Integration

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cPanel & WHM version 11.30 marks a major milestone for cPanel product development. Throughout the last six months, we’ve made a number of progressive, under-the-hood changes, transforming how cPanel & WHM is developed, released, and updated.

With cPanel & WHM 11.30, we’ve launched Long-Term Support versioning, given you control over deployment version, improved integration, added a new DNS plugin system, added RHEL 6 and CentOS 6 support, given you faster and more efficient updates, added new features for the end-user, and much more.

New Features

Long-term support

  • With cPanel & WHM version 11.30, we’ve launched a new Long-Term Support versioning scheme.
  • You can now install major versions of your choice, giving you more control over deployment.
  • We’ve also given you control over downgrading, if at any point you wish to return to a previous major version.
  • Documentation
  • Percent Complete: 100%

Improved Integration

  • We’ve added several backend changes, making integration with cPanel even easier.
  • Interacting with our APIs is now easier for you with cPanel::PublicAPI, a new Perl interface designed to provide you access to cPanel’s various APIs without requiring specific knowledge of usage for each one.
  • Our new DNS plugin system gives you the option of integrating non-cPanel DNS into your cPanel & WHM server.
  • We’re expanding the PHP LiveAPI to be language agnostic, with a Perl version and other languages to be added.
    * Available in 11.30.1.X
  • Percent Complete: 100%

Native CloudLinux Support

  • CloudLinux, cPanel & WHM RPMs are now installed natively, making the administration of cPanel and CloudLinux even easier for you.
  • Percent Complete: 100%

Improvements to the Update Process

  • We’ve rewritten /scripts/upcp to be more organized and concise, greatly reducing its overall size and update time.
  • /scripts/upcp now includes time stamped logging, giving you the ability to more accurately observe the update process, allowing for easier troubleshooting when errors occur.
  • Perl modules are now installed via app::cpanminus, lightening memory usage during installations.
  • Percent Complete: 100%

New End User Options

  • Among the major backend changes, we have also added some new, prominent features for the end user, making day-to-day operations easier.
  • In Email Auto Responders, you can now choose start and stop times.
  • Email filter re-ordering via the UI is now supported.
  • We’ve added Roundcube 0.5.2, which includes support for Internet Explorer 9 and a series of bug fixes.
  • cPanel users can now retrieve their Apache logs via jailshell, allowing your customers more freedom
  • We’ve rebuilt File Upload (within the File Manager) and added live, “Ajaxified” uploads and permission change options, all in a single location.
  • Percent Complete: 100%

Notable Changes Include:

  • RHEL 6 and CentOS 6
  • Support for MySQL® 5.1 (with new VIEW and TRIGGER Permissions) is now available.
  • We’ve made chkservd more precise. It no longer monitors services that have been voluntarily shut down, so it produces fewer false warnings about services failing.
  • DNSONLY updates are now available concurrent with cPanel & WHM updates
  • The number of SQL databases displayed within cPanel now includes both MySQL and PostgreSQL databases
  • We’ve optimized cpanellogd , making stats processing and bandwidth gathering much faster.
  • InnoDB engine is now enabled by default on VPS systems

You can find details about all features included in this version in the Release Notes for cPanel & WHM 11.30.

NOTE: cPanel has changed the way we number our versions. For more information, please read our policy on versions and the release process.