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cPanel Introduction: Four Benefits in Using cPanel

Posted by Alex on 27 02 2017.

As more and more people are utilizing cPanel every day to manage and administer their websites, it is increasingly alarming just how many individuals are not maximizing the use of this graphical, web-based program. cPanel is a breakthrough application that has helped millions in creating personal websites for their various business endeavors. It allows website owners to have full control of all information that is collected in their websites. This includes emails, billing, marketing, and many other activities that are essential in growing their business websites. Web hosting with cPanel is like driving a car as opposed to a motorcycle. You get to your destination, faster, safer, and with more features than meets the eye. For those looking to web host by using cPanel, here are a four benefits that may entice your further to use this groundbreaking application.




When you plan on creating a website, you must also consider creating an email account for that specific website. cPanel allows you to forge an email address with the same domain name as your website. This plays a very essential role in building a successful business website as potential customers will view your business as professional and legitimate. Instead of giving away your email address under Gmail or Yahoo Mail, your email address will contain the name of your website. In the competitive world of online business management, this is extremely important.


Website Creation


In the past, many business owners had to hire professional website creators to build their websites. This process was known to be very expensive and costly because IT professionals are specialists that create websites through coding, web designing, and many other technical activities. Through cPanel, the average layman can create a unique and attractive website through cPanel’s website builders. There are hundreds of stylish templates that allow you to create a professional looking website complete with user-friendly interfaces.




With cPanel, marketing your products and services becomes an extremely easy task. With programs such as Attracta SEO Tools, you will be able to perform search engine optimization on an entirely progressive level. You will be able to blog about your products and services and even write web content that will be included on the top 4 search engines about your company. These search engines include Google, Yahoo, Bing, and The more you write content or have them written will allow your business to generate more and more followers that translate into more profit and exposure.




With your website regularly being visited daily, cPanel allows you to manage your profits efficiently and effectively. For those new to this program, it allows you to control a billing system where consumers can pay for your products or services easily. A common difficulty of many consumers is not having the right avenue to be able to pay for a specific item because not too many websites offer the more popular payment vendors such as:


  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • eWAY
  • Net


With cPanel, you can easily add these popular vendors on your website so that consumers do not have any trouble purchasing an item from you.