System Requirements

Hardware Requirements


Component Minimum Recommended
Processor 226 MHz 226 MHz
Memory 768 MB of RAM 1 GB of RAM
Disk Space 20 GB of
disk space
40 GB of
disk space
Recommended Partitions

For CentOS 6 and 7

RAM Min swap space
2 GB or less Two times the amount of RAM on the server.
2 GB to 8 GB The same as the amount of RAM on the server.
8 GB to 64 GB Half the amount of RAM on the server.
64 GB or more 4 GB


Supported Operating Systems

BuycPanel CentOS
  • Free
  • Based on Red Hat® Enterprise
  • Linux®
  • Community­ supplied updates
  • Community ­supplied support
BuycPanel CloudLinux
  • Paid
  • Based on CentOS
  • Updates from CloudLinux
  • Support from CloudLinux
BuycPanel RedHat
  • Paid
  • Updates from Red Hat
  • Support from Red Hat
BuycPanel AWS
  • Paid
  • Support From Amazon
  • Scalable Computing Capacity

Supported Virtual Environments